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Thea May Braves The Challenges Of Love And Life On Her New EP, 'Conscious'

Are you ready to go on a journey?

A dynamic performer whose releases have topped the charts of the Sirius XM Indigenous Music Countdown, Thea May has continued to impress with every release since bursting onto the scene with her acclaimed debut “Somethin’ About You.”

Originating from Atikameksheng Anishnawbek in what is now known as Northern Ontario, this talented singer, and songwriter floats between the realms of pop and hip-hop, captivating listeners with a unique and entertaining sound.

With her forthcoming EP Conscious set to be released soon, Thea May has somehow elevated her artistry to even greater heights, making for a listening experience you won’t quickly forget.

By all accounts, a natural talent, Thea May has nonetheless worked tirelessly to improve, belying a hunger, determination, and love for music crucial for success in the industry.

With breathtaking releases like “Note To Self” and “Runaway” having garnered significant buzz and acclaim, she’s well on her way to being recognized as a powerful artistic presence in the scene. Now also under renowned music supervisor and producer Scotty Taylor’s wing, Thea May’s future continues to look exceedingly bright, and we can’t wait to see how far she’s going to rise.

Impassioned. Emotional. Moving; these words do not even come close to describing the sonic journey May takes you through on “Conscious.” True to its name, this EP has an introspective feel, with an interesting old-school R&B vibe at points.

As lyrics like “You don't know the half of it, no / imagine if you got sick / from the only water that you had to drink” ring in the EP’s beginning on “If Only You Knew” (ft. Odario), powerful emotions immediately wash over you. It feels as if you’re reminiscing on times gone by, watching through the window as the rain falls.

Thea May has always used music as a therapeutic means to cope with struggle and internal strife, and on “Conscious,” she definitely lays her heart bare. Her lyricism becomes honest and vulnerable as she becomes a soldier of love, with lines like “I won’t budge when they try to strip the love from us / TV couldn't write a better show than what's in front of us” on “Fires” showing her resolve.

Although the world can be a bleak place at times, as Thea May closes “Conscious” with “World of Mine,” hopeful instrumentals and lyrics like “All I need Is to keep my peace / all I desire is mine” bring a satisfying and tranquil end to what was at times a rough journey. No matter what the world throws at her, on “Conscious,” Thea May proves that nothing and no one will keep her down.

Thea May’s latest EP, “Conscious,” is a captivating, nostalgia-tinged offering that fuses pop, hip-hop, and old-school R&B influences to astounding effect. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Thea May’s new release, “Conscious,” on all majour streaming platforms.


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