Theolodge Is Back to Remind Listeners of His Visionary Quest

Central Florida artist Theolodge is back on BuzzMusic to reel in the authentic Hip/Hop music listeners! If we had one word to describe the artistic goal Theolodge has set out for himself and his music, it would be authenticity. Theolodge has always stressed the level of authenticity he's possessed as an artist and really hones in on creating real and raw music for his listeners. Throughout his lifetime, Theolodge has undergone a variety of experiences that attribute to the very content of his music today. Yes, that's right, we have yet another Hip/Hop artist that is bringing original content to the music scene! 

If we're being honest, Theolodge has always been the kind of artist that was born to be in the music scene. As a Hip/Hop artist who focuses on constructing genuine and honest narratives for his listeners, Theolodge has always maintained his credibility. The vision of Theolodge pertains more towards the expression, "In with the new, out with the old", except Theolodge ensures to appreciate old-school stylings by morphing their delivery, and I think we've all come to appreciate how immaculate a production can be by manipulating those pivotal old-school soundings! Always illustrating his artistry in vivid and intensive ways, Theolodge offers us that opportunity to be truly excited for future music. The level of unpredictability that stems from his creative finesse is what makes Theolodge stand out to us, and what will most likely make his music attract your attention! 

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