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There’s a Good Rzn You’ll Find “Rebound,” On Your Playlist

Based in Los Angeles, California, Good Rzn is an alternative pop duo consisting of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini.

The diligent efforts of the two have allowed them to release their first single, "Sleep Talking," on September 3rd, 2021, which features a nuanced approach to pop through the scope of rock and electronic music.

With a second release on November 15th, 2021 titled, "Rebound," Good Rzn accesses a more upbeat pop style that remains infused with a reflective tone while maintaining anthemic guitar riffs and a catchy vocal hook. Carrying forth enough attitude to take you through your next heartache or mundane notion, we get to capture a glimmer of what each member of Good Rzn brings to the table.

With almost ethereal timbres that are conveyed in a reverberated chamber of emotion, the acoustic-driven simplicity of the guitar riff has us locked into place with this inimitable expression. The sonic voyage tours us on a laid-back journey drenched in the lived narrative of bouncing back from hard times and embracing the struggles of life with positivity.

With such a forward message intertwined with the abstract essence of poetic lyrical motifs like, "Two-left feet can't dance for shit. Too honest at times I'll admit," Good Rzn takes a compelling atmosphere and ups the ante by dousing it in the beauty that lies in the ordinary as we further inspect "Rebound."

Getting lost in the navigation that is Good Rzn has us eager to embrace the next series of sentiments that they're ready to serve to us on a silver platter of melodies.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Good Rzn. We love how you take such a unique concept and twist it into a musical offering of your mind. Being inspired by the flowers blooming from the cracks of sidewalks, how were you able to take this imagery and transition it into poetic lyrics?

Thank you! Admiring the beauty of simplicity and appreciating different aspects of life is important in the creation of our art. Finding inspiration in nature is something we feel influenced by and hope others can relate to. The song lyrics paint a picture of ordinary activity. They then expand on the concept with creative symbolism to reflect all the places someone has been in the past and where they might go in the future.

How long does the creative process usually take to unfold? Was this the case for "Rebound?"

We began writing Rebound in April of 2021 and developed it alongside other projects over the summer. We came up with the idea for the music video and filmed it throughout the month of November. The length of our process varies with each song, but "Rebound" took a few months!

Compared to your previously released debut in September, how would you say that these tracks share similarities and embody differences from one another?

"Sleep Talking" and "Rebound" share a similar structure driven by rock-inspired guitar riffs. They differ in that "Rebound" is focused more on curiosity and observations in the world while "Sleep Talking" is centered around personal thoughts and feelings.

What is the mission statement of Good Rzn? Does this tie into who you both are apart from the music?

Our focus with Good Rzn is creating something that moves and inspires us in the way the music that we love has. We are working to build a community that can experience this journey with us every step of the way.


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