There's More To Love Than Just, "the easy part"

AnnelieElina began her musical journey by writing songs at the young age of 12 years old. Since then, she has been spending her time in the studio, creating music as a form of expression. This outlet has her exuding a simplistic approach to songwriting, which immediately creates soundscapes that resonate with her listeners.

Putting forth her most recent single, "the easy part," AnnelieElina has us swimming in a pond of wavy grooves that convey a developmental departure from the music she has previously released. The upbeat stature tours you through glimmers of nostalgia laced into the instrumentation as you become fixated on the effervescent pop vibrations that simmer in a stew of wistful musicality.

AnnelieElina's artistry embodies the soothing zest of indie-pop hues, which allows our minds to explore the depth of such a sentimental soundscape. With elusive tenors that have you drifting in and out of the conscious storyline present, you can't help but to feel lyrical motifs such as 'Falling in love's the easy part. It's so different from the start. As soon as we grew apart: don't fall for the easy part,' deep within yourself.

Appreciating the relatable tones that come from the act of loving someone, the theme of this track is one that many know all too well. Illuminating her words of wisdom and lived experience through a vocal delivery that gently caresses you, AnnelieElina has us revisiting fond memories of the past with the flawless execution of "the easy part."