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There's More To Love Than Just, "the easy part"

AnnelieElina began her musical journey by writing songs at the young age of 12 years old. Since then, she has been spending her time in the studio, creating music as a form of expression. This outlet has her exuding a simplistic approach to songwriting, which immediately creates soundscapes that resonate with her listeners.

Putting forth her most recent single, "the easy part," AnnelieElina has us swimming in a pond of wavy grooves that convey a developmental departure from the music she has previously released. The upbeat stature tours you through glimmers of nostalgia laced into the instrumentation as you become fixated on the effervescent pop vibrations that simmer in a stew of wistful musicality.

AnnelieElina's artistry embodies the soothing zest of indie-pop hues, which allows our minds to explore the depth of such a sentimental soundscape. With elusive tenors that have you drifting in and out of the conscious storyline present, you can't help but to feel lyrical motifs such as 'Falling in love's the easy part. It's so different from the start. As soon as we grew apart: don't fall for the easy part,' deep within yourself.

Appreciating the relatable tones that come from the act of loving someone, the theme of this track is one that many know all too well. Illuminating her words of wisdom and lived experience through a vocal delivery that gently caresses you, AnnelieElina has us revisiting fond memories of the past with the flawless execution of "the easy part."

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "the easy part." Touching on the side of love that not many like to speak of is an act of vulnerability we admire! Was there a particular story or moment that inspired the narrative we hear?

Thank you! Rather than a specific moment or memory, this song is more so about the progression of a past relationship and thinking back to the very beginning, when it used to feel so carefree with them. It's sort of just me reflecting on how easily I fell for the person and the difference between where we started vs. how it came to an end. Even though it's kinda on the negative side of things, my experience with them made me realize that sometimes it just doesn't work out even if you truly want it to and try your hardest to turn things around.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of bringing life to such an intimate song?

Any sort of lyric, story, or melody idea I have when not in a writing session goes straight into my notes and voice memos on my phone. After just ending a relationship, my notes were being added to a bit more often than normal, haha, leaving me with a bunch of different unfinished songs or ideas to work with. "the easy part" was built off of one of these lyric ideas in my notes and a guitar riff Mike, the producer I worked on this song and several of my previous ones with, came up with as we were playing around with melodies. This original was one of those songs that we wrote almost straight through and didn't really feel the need to go back and change or revise afterward. The writing aspect of it came pretty easily, which many times, I feel is a good thing. In terms of filming the music video, my main goal was to depict two different time frames of a relationship– the before and after. Half of the clips were shot during the day, showing me in a much happier headspace than the other half, which was part of the nighttime shoot and is far more emotional.

You've mentioned that this single signifies the departure of your previous release. In your own words, what does that mean to you? What can your audience expect from your sound moving forward?

Compared to other originals of mine, this song is probably one of the most upfront and blunt ones that I have released so far. Over the past year, it has been a main focus of mine to be completely honest and open with my writing instead of sugar-coating or downplaying anything like I feel I used to sometimes do. In the past, I tended to write about my experiences in more of a general tone, avoiding the specifics or getting what I considered to be too personal at the time. I have come to find that when I am fully honest and direct with my lyrics, I write the songs I am most proud of. In terms of my sound, I am still experimenting with different styles and genres, always working to really define my sound and create music I feel is authentic to me. Expect some variety and new approaches to both my lyrics & production on my upcoming project!

What advice do you have for your listeners who may find themselves struggling with the narrative you dip into in "the easy part?"

Some may fall on the other side of the spectrum and say that it's actually harder for them to fall for someone because of their past experiences with relationships or not wanting to repeat history. If that's the case for you, I'd say to try and connect more with the part of the narrative that focuses on how much changes throughout a relationship rather than the falling coming so effortlessly.

What's next for you?

Right now, I am working on finishing up the other songs that are going to be a part of my upcoming project! "the easy part" was only the first look into that, and I'm beyond excited to share more, hopefully connecting with as many people as I can.


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