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There’s Truly "Something New," About The Way Brian Jarvis Is Expressing Himself

New England singer-songwriter Brian Jarvis entices listeners with captivating honesty and a voice drawing comparisons to David Gray and Matt Nathanson.

Over a decade, he's been touring the country with the likes of Howie Day, Brendan James, and Stephen Kellogg, to name a few – and is currently on the heels of his third major release.

"Something New" is Brian Jarvis's first release to greet his listeners in two years. This record comes from the upcoming EP, "Chapters," and has him teaming up with long-time touring partners Brendan James and Craig Meyer to create a wistful representation of his inner thoughts.

Expanding on the buoyant instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrical motifs, we're treated to a sound that reflects another side of Brian Jarvis' often reflective nature. A warmth stems from his heartfelt and honest timbres as the positive nuances encourage those embarking on the next chapter of their lives. We're thriving in the upbeat environment as Brian Jarvis uses a brilliant balance of time and space to allow his optimistic messaging to sink in.

The production brings our focus to the details heard within the composition. As a profound rollercoaster that eases you into the verses and ramps you up for the boasting chorus, "Now I'm walking into something new, kick the tread off these old beat shoes, eyes open again with nothing to lose," we can't help but listen in anticipation as our energy feeds off of the liveliness dispersed in "Something New."

Listen to this uplifting song today and feel what it's like to walk on a sonic cloud surrounded by radiant sunshine – that's the effect "Something New" will have on you.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brian Jarvis, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, "Something New." We love the energy and positivity that shines from a track of this caliber. Especially in the times, we're all facing in life. So what inspired you to take a different route with your sound to birth this song? We joke about it, but it was the pandemic. We can all agree that it is such a wild time in our life. Brendan and I had been chatting about me flying down to work on a tune. I finally did it, and the whole experience was cathartic and energizing. The time spent with Brendan and Craig in the studio was everything I had missed during the downtime of music being offline. It was an overwhelming sense of positivity that just carried through in the work we were doing in the studio. Co-written by Brendan James and produced by Craig Meyer, what were the vibes on the two-day trip in Charleston, SC, to bring this song to life? Any memorable moments you care to share?

Great question! Many moments shine to me. The First was actually asking them to take a break. They’re used to the nice weather and sunshine where I was starved for the outdoors. They’re used to tackling a song from am to pm and never leaving the studio. We went downtown to a great local bar and got a few whiskeys. I blew their minds with my detailed stories of past touring days together. Play 100+ shows together; you sure have some good ones to tell. But in all seriousness, it was the last day of recording. I went to Brendan’s home and spent the day with his family. We shot hoops with the kids, rode bikes, walked to the lake, and made a nice homemade meal by the fire pit. All within 4-5 hours. I also caught up with my best man, who lives in Charleston. We went out to see Craig’s band play that night downtown. Needless to say, it was my first post-pandemic moment in a room with music, and 100+ people jammed into it—a small space. Watching the local musicians slay a room and smile was magical. What a few couple of days. Did your creative process change due to the change in your sound? The song had an evolution. I started it at home playing the piano. I just stumbled upon the hook. “Now I’m walking in my neighborhood” is how it started. It felt fresh. if something I’m toying with doesn’t feel fresh or exciting, I never finish it. This song excited me. The best part was I only brought that part with me. That was it. When we got to Charleston, Brendan and I really dug into the lyrics and the music. He’s very detailed, and it was nice to have someone push me beyond it being good enough. Craig produces differently than I am used to. It’s all about energy. He just would lay down whatever felt right in the moment: no discussion and no time to worry. If we don’t like it later, we don’t like it later. It was refreshing. I think when you explore different places with new faces forces you to take chances. This song is a new step for me and a good sonic turn. We are already discussing the next one. After taking in "Something New," what can listeners expect from your forthcoming EP, 'Chapters?' 'Chapters' is going to really cover a lot of space. Thematically this is the newest song. To follow in February is a song called ‘Stay,’ which I have used to open my shows for years. Never recorded a version I loved. But I got it, and it feels like that song on its one represents a whole part of my life.. a chapter. The 3rd single down in flames is a song I have felt strongly about for so long but never got released. I even got some feedback from Mat Kearney on this one. So, in short, the songs represent new, old, and important chapters of my last ten years of creating, touring, and life/love. The last track is a cover of a friend who passed in a car accident ten years ago. He was a beloved songwriter with a bright light. I have been putting off covering it until I got the family’s blessing. I got his original band to play on the track titled ‘take’ by the band Columbia fields. It has been an emotional but cathartic process putting my spin on this song.

What's next for you? I wanted to wait for the right time to release all the songs I had been working on. They’ve been done for some time, but it never feels right to rush them out. There will be five months of songs coming out for me. I’m also looking forward to touring more. Music is back online, and there will be a few small tours I will work on supporting. In fact, I’m working on these questions from my Hotel in Florida, where I am performing at a sold-out songwriter show. We need all the help we can get as indies, but thanks to places like BuzzMusic, we get to keep going.


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