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These Two Songs From the Unlikely Candidates Are Must-Hears

Hailing from Texas, the musical and societal outliers The Unlikely Candidates are always evolving. Their diverse and passionate sound is displayed to perfection in captivating singles like "Grenadine" and "How I Am."

The Unlikely Candidates always embrace their divergence and channel it into their craft. They've managed to swoon fans in their state with their sonically delicious blend of genres that float around their alternative rock core. They've even had the chance to tour alongside acts like Fall Out Boy, 311, Sublime with Rome, and Dirty Heads.

The Unlikely Candidates embody what it means and how it feels to be the odd one out. They invite listeners to experience and find relatable themes with their thrilling releases, like their latest 11-track album, 'Panther Island.' The album's two lead singles, "Grenadine" and "How I Am," are solid starting points to better understand what The Unlikely Candidates are all about.

Hitting play on "Grenadine," the experience begins with bright and buzzy synth-like guitars that glitter and gleam with vast emotion. As the lead vocalist begins pouring his charismatic and energetic vocals through our speakers, he brings sensual and emotional themes of missing how someone tastes and wishing he could relive those precious moments with someone dear.

The Unlikely Candidates smash through our speakers with a powerful alternative-rock sound that's paired with dazzling hints of electro-pop and punk. It's an anthemic earworm that we wouldn't trade for anything.

Jumping into the second tune, "How I Am," we're met with hazy vocal samples alongside mysterious and dark electro-pop production. As the heavy alternative instrumentals begin crashing through our speakers, the lead vocalist takes the song by the horns and explains that he'd rather be sad than happy on demand.

This song carries a theme that many can relate to; it speaks about keeping it real, and not "real" as in being smiley, happy, and social 24/7. The Unlikely Candidates bring major Fall Out Boy energy in this track, but their unique mixture of alternative rock, punk, electro-pop, and more is quite the refreshing aspect.

If you're ready to find your new favorite, versatile group, we'd point you toward The Unlikely Candidates and their hit singles "Grenadine" and "How I Am." Find both tracks and many more on the band's latest album, 'Panther Island,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Unlikely Candidates. We'd like to start by congratulating you on the release of your recent album, 'Panther Island.' What inspired your group to create this album?

We were on tour when the COVID-19 pandemic was announced. Like everyone else, we headed home and had a lot of time on our hands. We decided to make use of it, so we called up our producer and told him we wanted to make an album. We didn't have the pressure of time constraints, so we took our time and were able to experiment with new sounds and styles.

Regarding the album's fifth track, "How I Am," what inspired the honest lyrical content? What life experiences led you to create this track?

At the beginning of 2021, one of my best friends committed suicide. I was devastated. I felt a lot of guilt and anger. I didn't want to be around anyone or leave my room. I wrote the song about how I was feeling at the time. It was painful to write, and I wasn't sure I even wanted to put it out. But I figured if it could help anyone get through the same type of thing I was going through, we should put it out.

On the sixth track, "Grenadine," your band brings quite a unique sound. Why did you want to add elements of modern electro-pop into your instrumentals? Do you usually explore these modern sounds in the studio?

We just try new things and if they sound good, we roll with it. There was no specific reason we added those sounds - it's just an experiment that panned out. We do like to play with new sounds, though. It keeps us interested and our songs current.

Why did you feel that "Grenadine" and "How I Am" should be on the 'Panther Island' album? How do both songs tie into the album's theme and vibe?

Honestly, if a song is good, we will use it. We try not to limit ourselves to any particular genre or style. I have a pretty distinct voice, so, thankfully, it ties the songs on the album together well. Both songs have a modern and melancholy vibe and are emotionally informed by loss, so I guess that ties them together, as well as creating that theme on the album.

What was your end goal with 'Panther Island'? What experience did you want to offer listeners, and what did you want them to take away?

I wanted to give our fans songs for how they are feeling at any time. Songs to be sad too, songs for happy days, songs of loss and love, songs to be lazy too, songs to dance and party to. We live dynamic lives, so hopefully, the album can mirror that.

Photo by: Zach Burns

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