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This Collective Will Have You "Suffering From Greatness"

No Frequency Collective is a group of producers and artists based in Tennessee. The collective pools their talents to create incredibly unique music and art with edge and character.

Upon first listen to their latest single “Suffering From Greatness,” the golden horns bring us a nostalgic essence that is reminiscent of New Orleans Jazz. Quickly evolving into a new wave style of Hip-hop that brings familiar notes of XXXtentacion, we indulge in the lyrical talents of EmceeCoast, Evning, and Socrates. The power on this track is backed by the artistic finesse that each creative brings forth.

The entrancing tenors have us fixated on the articulation and hunger that is presented as each artist takes a turn submerging us in witty metaphors, and fortified wordplay. They manage to all complement each other while standing their own ground and showcasing their capabilities on a level personal to them. These are the types of Hip-hop collaborations that we thrive on. No Frequency Collective has a thorough understanding of what it takes to stand out in a saturated industry and they have no problem putting their best foot forward.

“Suffering From Greatness,” is the exact song that we would play with the windows rolled down as we fit the freeway and bask in a hearty dish of confidence. We can guarantee that as soon as you press play, you’ll want to keep “Suffering From Greatness,” on repeat and make it the soundtrack to your life.

Listen to “Suffering From Greatness,” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, No Frequency Collective. The latest single from you is a thorough representation of what you bring to the table. We love it! Could you please share a bit about each artist on the track so we can get to know them a bit more?

Evning: What's good, I'm Evning. I'm a hip-hop head since birth from South Carolina looking to bring a fresh edge to the game. I produce and perform on a majority of our work and have a little catalog of my own building. I also sell services and production to indie artists. Token white boy on deck.

EmceeCoast: Rapper, singer, songwriter, and "influencer" (apparently). I'm just here to put on a show. Cause a scene, be a spectacle, make a splash, all the hype cliches in one. It only matters if I inspire people to do the same though. I want everyone to feel free to be a character. You don't have to blend in. Stand out! Be original! Why not?

Young Socrates: I'm a producer, songwriter, and engineer from Nigeria. After I went to school in the UK, I moved here to Tennessee and met the people that would be No Frequency. Evning and I have been working together for the last year slowly building a brand in the underground for us and our beat store, SpookyBeats.

In your own words, what is the meaning behind this record? Where did you find the inspiration to create "Suffering From Greatness”?

Evning: The song idea really came from an old tune I found crate-digging, and I couldn't stand to flip it. That's that jazzy horn sample you hear at the beginning and the vocal sample you hear in the beat.

Young Socrates: For me, I was mostly mirroring their energy for my part. I believe the idea of the song was to make something that gives a listener a sense of self-confidence, something you can put on in the morning or at the gym to get the hype.

EmceeCoast: I got inspiration from life. There are so many people, who're too good at what they do to go unrecognized. I refuse to be in that demographic. That being said, it's hard to continuously elevate your "game" without actual competitors. It's difficult to feel great and be seen for your greatness if no one's paying attention. Greatness is a burden unused.

Is this the style of Hip-hop that listeners can expect to hear out of No Collective Frequency?

EmceeCoast: I can happily say yes and no. We have SO much range. We all have a love and respect for hip-hop, it's a core part of why we're together. We're in the country music land of Nashville, so it wasn't hard to find each other. Just like rap as a genre though, we're diverse. Collectively we do all styles. Individually the diversity increases. "Monsters" is an EDM track that ItzWonderLust just dropped and Abstract D33 dropped "Call Me D33", a bedroom pop EP, earlier this year. We're only limited by our imaginations and budgets at this point.

Young Socrates: We like to keep it interesting and stay as versatile as possible. Our styles all change as we learn more and get new inspirations. We wanna give you something unique every time you hear us.

What is your mission statement as a collective?

EmceeCoast: Encourage people to be themselves. As cliché as that may sound it's the only way to be truly happy. It's difficult as well because you're constantly being told what to do and what not to do. If not literally then indirectly. There's always a status quo to uphold/maintain. Don't. Just be the best you.

What's next for you?

Young Socrates: Our best album yet, "NFC Vol. 2"

EmceeCoast: I'm dropping everything this year. An EP, an album, a bunch of videos, and moving to ATL where I plan on doing as many shows as possible once the world's fully open. Nothing will stop me.

Evning: What they said, I got a 3 song EP dropping in June called "Why You So Turnt In The Gulag", then it's all hands on deck for Vol. 2. Catch us in Atlanta in fall 2021!


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