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This Genre Defining Classic “Bards With Beards” By Social Smokers Club Is Taking Us By Storm

Emerging as a voice for the misunderstood, Social Smokers Club is echoing from deep within the rural hear of Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada. Utilizing the unfortunate as a muse to be an imperative voice against ignorance and inspired by a chaotic generation lead by the ill-willed, SSC is weaving their imaginary-filled, thought-provoking lyrics through an eerily hopeful collection of hard rock, indie rock, alternative and folk. SSC is creating a journey through the forest of the subconscious properly dubbing their sound as ‘Woods Rock’. Forming in the dead winter of 2016 and beginning as four sing-songwriters who brought each other’s music to life, some songs were writing long before they existed as a band and they began to notice these inseparable similarities within atmosphere and within the consistent “chaos of nature” inspired the words they wrote. With each member signing their respected songs, and re-creating the songs as one, they began to share their story throughout their hometown, selling out the back of a local thrift shop and thus further honing their craft (in true punk-rock fashion). The amount of vulnerability portrayed in their music and the intimacy of the setting has helped create the basis for their local audience. SSC released their long-awaited debut LP “The Woods” on March 15, 2019.

“Bards with Beards” is an upbeat and eccentric song that is bound to get your head bobbing along with timeless guitar sounds, and suave, sultry vocal lines that have a hint of rasp to then. With an almost salsa like guitar riff at the beginning then going into a more electric sound, it really sounds fantastic blending with the vocals. Flip forward to the guitar solo that sends this song to another dimension and gives you that raw outdoorsy feel. I love the subtle harmonies scattered throughout this track that match the lead singer’s vocals so perfect and effortlessly. Social Smokers Club has left their mark in the music industry with this definition of a new genre called Woods Rock, bringing their own eclectic sound to the table and leaving their audiences in awe. I personally love the personal nature of the lyrics, and the vocalist does a great job of making it seem like the song is his own story to tell. He has embedded himself in the lyrics and you can hear the emotion behind each note whether in the melody or in the accompanying instrumental parts. This song is a new classic that I highly suggest adding to your playlist!

Listen to “Bards with Beards” here and get to know more about Social Smokers Club below!

Hey SSC! Fantastic to catch up with you all! Can you tell us a bit about each of yourselves and how you created Social SmokersClub?

Jack, Tyler and I, went to the same High School in Halifax. Tyler was a couple years older, while Jack and I were in the same grade. Jack and I had English class together during our senior year, where we did a book report together on the novel, “Orphan Train” which our teacher gave us full creative freedom. So, obviously - we wrote a song. The final product/project was “Raven, Bear, Fish” which can be heard on our debut LP. The 3 of us later got together to jam Winter of 2016, after Jack and Tyler had also written a few songs together. When we realized our connection and vibes were inseparable, we knew we needed a drummer to turn the vision into something complete, and we only had one person in mind — fellow local musician and long-time High School friend(different H.S than the rest of us), Andre. 

Defining a new genre is a big move! What made you as a band decide that you needed a genre that defined your music so well?

As Canadian kids growing up within a rural part of our province, and are heavily inspired by Canadian musicians with a similar up-bringing - we think there's an interesting connection between our music and nature. After trying and failing to describe our sound in any “traditional“ sense that would do it justice, we eventually settled on the idea that there wasn’t anything as vast and as endless as the sounds of The Woods, thus: Woods Rock.

What is the meaning behind “Bards with Beards”?

"Bards with Beards” is a metaphor for a reckless musician following their own sound, no matter what anyone tells them. To give our full explanation would be useless endeavour. As the construct of poetry is - up to whomever chooses to pay attention to decipher what it means to them. Music feels, and means something different to us all.

What drives your passion as a group to continuously write music?

A wise man once told us: “A lazy artist, isn’t an artist at all.”

What instruments can be heard throughout your LP that we can listen for?

Guitar, bass, drums and vocals. We had a lot of people who thought the lead part in “Bards” (as well as various other instances throughout the record) was a synth, but nope - just Tyler and his guitar.

What’s next for Social Smokers Club in 2019?

We’re working with an amazingly wonderful Cinematographer from our hometown on a music video to exemplify “The Woods”. And hey, our next record is practically already written, as well. Our little chaotic generation still has more to be spoken for and we won’t stop until we’re 6 feet under. We have shit to do until then. 


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