Check Out This Incredible Piano Cover Of "Havana" By Andy Jones

Andy Jones is a piano teacher who recently started to do piano covers and tutorials for his viewers on YouTube. He also keeps up with his followers on his Facebook page in which he also occasionally posts up covers and tutorials. So if you want to hear a cover of your favorite song, and maybe even learn how to play it, make sure to check out his page and Youtube.

For this lesson, Andy teaches his viewers an easy piano tutorial of the song “Havana” by Camila Cabello for beginners with a simulated keyboard that allows the viewer to easily distinguish which key is which. Andy informs the viewer in the beginning of the video of what color the chords are and which are the melody notes. As a beginner, it is important to find success easily in your journey of music and many find it frustrating learning how to play another instrument especially by themselves. This is a very catchy tune and if it is not stuck in your head already, it will be by the time you finish learning the song! Andy Jones brings a solid lesson and you will be playing Havana in no time! Make sure to give his video a like and subscribe to his channel!

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