This Stunning New Single From Grasmere Tells Us How to Come Together, As One

Grasmere is a band that focuses on creating atmospheric music that radiates positive energy and human unification. Their idols include Angles and Airwaves and Thirty Seconds to Mars; the music carries and underlining message of coming together as one. Grasmere's latest release "Invincible" has an incredibly cute and feel-good vibe to it that you won't be able to help but smile when you listen.

"Invincible" features twinkling electric pianos, thundering but ambient driving drums, a deep growling bass, a gorgeous captivating vocal performance that holds a strong ground, and dynamic guitars that change from being shining reverb effects to grooving wah effects to classic crunchy rhythm guitars that drive the energy with the drums and vocals. The chorus is the clear highlight in "Invincible", it carries the unification message down to even the instruments in them all feeling whole part as one. The vocal melodies are incredibly strong and memorable and there's a side effect of this becoming quickly stuck in your head while listening. Grasmere delivers an immense amount of feel-good positive energy and we encourage everyone to have a listen to this release.

Stream "Invincible" here.

Hey Grasmere! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Wow, what a positive tune! There are a lot of good messages being spoken of here, how did you come to the lyrics being used? Is there a personal connection to any of them?

I think the lyrics are a call to action that almost everyone can relate to. We’ve all felt hopeless, or lost, or alone. The song's message is that if we work together, if we accept one another, if we put aside our petty squabbles, then we can do anything. 

The bands sound has a bit of ethereal, rock, pop, dance all in one and there is strong chemistry between the parts. How did the members come to meet? How are songs written between all the members?

Grasmere was originally myself (Tyler), Justin, Lincoln, and Skylar. We were all in a band prior to Grasmere and we wanted a change in sound. Kassie joined originally as a live backup vocalist, but quickly became a permanent vocalist with us. Our songwriting is collaborative. I typically throw out a very basic skeleton song idea, and from there, everyone adds something to it to make a finished song. 

We heard that your influences of Angles and Airwaves and Thirty Seconds to Mars, what about them makes them influence the band? Is there anything else that inspires the music being created?

The whole band is pop-punk at heart, and we are big Tom DeLonge fanboys, so having that influence just kinda happened naturally. These bands have powerful and anthemic songs, and that’s what we inspire to create. A song anyone can sing. 

The underlining message of coming together is quite strong and powerful, how do you think this release will impact people on an emotional level? Will the messages in future releases be different?

I hope people hear this song, and it becomes their theme song. I’ve always strived to write uplifting, invigorating, and inspiring songs. Positive thinking is a powerful thing, and music is something everyone can love, so the two work well together. I think that’s something we as a band will continue to do.