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Thoj Gives Us A Fire New Mix "Dans tes rêves"

Thoj is a young, hot new Dj from the French Riviera. Thoj discovered his love of music at the age of 4 when he started playing the saxophone. He then began to experiment with classical and jazz music by being an active member of a Gipsy Jazz group for a few years. When Thoj finally discovered electronic music, he fell in love with the power of its essence, and it and opened up a new perspective of music for him. This was what transitioned him into his career path, EDM. Thoj is creative and driven, always looking for ways to produce new, innovative music. What makes Thoj unique is that he plays his energized house music while preforming live with his saxophone! This allows Thoj to have diverse and different music than what people are used to, which is likely why he won "The Lab Festival 2018", a competition of young Parisian talented artists.

The Lab Festival 2018 consists of over 500 participants, so considering that Thoj came out as the first pick is extremely impressive and it indicates that he is gifted at what he does. His newest song “Dans tes rêves” is brilliantly crafted. Thoj expertly weaves the saxophone into the electronic rhythm to create a fun, warm, and upbeat tempo that could be played anywhere, from Veld to a chill beach day with friends. Listening to “Dans tes rêves” will make you enter a carefree zone that leaves all bad vibes in the past. The song will help you let go of negative energy and put you into a trance of euphoria. We can’t wait until your next single Thoj!

Give a listen to "Dans tes rêves" here, and don't forget to keep reading for Thoj's interview!


Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about yourself and your background?

I'm 28 year old and I come from the French Riviera. I started music at 4 year old by playing saxophone. Then I experimented a lot of style from classical to jazz music, and I've been an active member of a Gypsy Jazz group for few years. It's when I discovered the infinite possibilities of electronic music that I decided to quit my job and focus on creating my own music.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Django Reinhardt or Ray Charles. They really shaped my way to feel music. Today, I'm really influenced by artists like Feder, Mome or Kink for there joyfull music and the energy they put on live.

What are some challenges that you have had to face in your career?

Biggest challenges for me are to manage the ups and downs of an artistic life. Those moments when you think you should stop doing what you love. It can be really tough to follow your dreams in our current society where social medias only show quick results and positive sides of life. You need to be really focus on your real goals.

How did winning The Lab Fesrival 2018 impact your career in music?

Winning the Lab Festival has been an incredible experience, it gave me credibility to play in new festivals, and offered me a good visibility in french media of electronic music. Since then, I've signed with the french booking agency "Nuit Sauvage" and released my second single in the same label than the well known artist "The Avener".

What is the meaning behind “Dans tes rêves”?

I wrote this song in a real down of my life. I was questionning myself why should I try so hard to pursue my dream of becoming a music artist when I can have a peacefull life. Then I was thinking "Did I grew up with too many dreams ?", "Why do I feel special ?". And it inspires me this song where I explain quit simply that nobody is special, that you have to accept it and just find yourself, and don't wait any kind of miracle to happen, you need to work hard if you want to become what you want to be.


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