Through Infinity Releases Compelling Single “The Sight Of An Eagle”

Through Infinity is a multi-national and multi-genre music band formed in 2017. Their song “The Sight of an Eagle” has dramatic, full effective, and lyrically storytelling elements with an aesthetically pleasing video released to complete it. The song starts out with the beautiful melodic keys played by Tomo Bačurin before the woodwind instruments by Damir Šomen, Safiudin Alimoski, and Đulijana Alimoski kicks in. That instrumental freedom we are listening to eventually becomes supported by the vocalist Mario Huljev who bestows his unique and powerhouse voice creating a song that’s exorbitant and perceptible in all the correct ways.

What I love most about this song is the showcasing of the flute which is really rare in the current norm of trendy bands. The most unique characteristic of the song and the group is the fact that they don’t just use your average instruments you will find in an everyday band. Instrumental music is such a broad genre of many diverse instruments that creates beautiful sounds yet we rarely ever hear them in music if it’s not computerized. So the appreciation of a natural instrumental sound is always going to be expressed with gratitude! “The Sight of an Eagle” is an augmentative tune sure to grasp your attention and soothe your mood.

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