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Throwback Track “Nowhere Near Me” By Singer & The Scientist Will Give you Serious 80’s Vibes

Singer & The Scientist is a Los Angeles electronic duo, comprised of expansive vocals by Kenley Shea and synthesis creations of Steve Channell. S&TS was born in the valley of Los Angeles in 2014, when the two met coincidentally as next door neighbors in a small LA apartment complex. Kenley and Steve shared diverse musical backgrounds and after a few failed attempts, created their first single “Notice Me”. This began the journey of Singer & The Scientist.

After releasing a debut album, Singer & The Scientist changed up their sound and live performance style. In order to stay more connected with the fans, they ditched the laptop and bought in hardware synths and drum machines. Kenley and Steve have now achieved the 80’s synth-pop sound inspired by some of their influences Sylvan Esso, Chvrches and St.Vincent. True to this new persona, Singer & The Scientist released a new single titled “Nowhere Near Me”. The 80’s sounding synth are layered throughout the track. Kenley belts out every lyric with a soul-filled energy that is contagious and fun-loving. “You’re the only one who’ll be dancing to your sound” is my favorite lyric repeated throughout “Nowhere Near Me”. Singer & The Scientist are able to create music that is catchy yet emotionally-rich. Listeners can dance and sing along while still relating to and interpreting the lyrics. Singer & The Scientist are currently releasing a string of singles so stay on the lookout for this dynamic synth duo.

Listen to “Nowhere Near Me” here .


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