TIËRNY Releases Heartbreak Banger “I’ll Wait”

Based in Liverpool, singer and songwriter has just released an electronic, melancholic pop song “I’ll Wait” that will please music lovers of genres far and wide. She co-produced the song alongside her long time collaborator MINAS. Similar to a Kygo style dance song, TIËRNY places more emphasis on creating a chill musical atmosphere than perfecting an aggressive bass drop. The background music of “I’ll Wait” consists of youthful electronic sounds softened by an accompanying piano melody. With a melancholic backtrack, the song leaves room for TIËRNY’s raw, throaty vocals to capture the hearts of listeners. She effortlessly powers through every note in the chorus “I’ll Wait,” as background singers respond, “I could never let you go.”

TIËRNY has told us that she writes her songs based on an experience she has had coming to terms with herself. “I’ll Wait” is a bit of yin and yang as she sings about the paradox of love in certain relationships. Lyrically, TIËRNY is asking someone to save her from her “Jekyll and Hyde state.” This story is relatable for anyone who has experienced the emotional back and forth of an all-consuming relationship. TIËRNY has called her song a “sad banger” and a “heartbreak you can dance to.” Though the lyrics tell a more in-depth story, the lighthearted and catchy melodies of TIËRNY’s “I’ll Wait” are sure to uplift anyone who listens.

You can listen to "I'll Wait" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic TIËRNY! Your new release “I’ll Wait” is a definitive bop! Can you tell us the story behind the lyrics?

All of my songs are about me coming to terms with myself in one way or another. I wanted to reflect the duality and irony of hate\love and that fine line you tread when in an all-consuming relationship. I was losing the person in question and felt powerless to stop it.. This was my way of trying to reconcile with one final declaration of love. It was me saying I’m still here if you ever change your mind. It also serves as an awakening to new possibilities, and as a reminder that we can grow through our pain. it's a sad banger, heartbreak you can dance to. Lyrically I was reading a lot of William Blake and Love letters of Great Men which I reference in the song.

Can you describe your creative process and your collaboration with co-producer MINAS?

I co-produced all the songs with James, (MINAS). We’ve worked together for a long time now and he just understands me on a creative level. I’ll usually write lyrics and chords and send a basic track, then we work together to bring what I hear in my head to life. I really appreciate having someone to bounce off and it’s always nice to have an outside perspective.

You self-titled your genre as ‘Baroquetronica.’ Can you tell us more about this??

I like to mix the modern and the contemporary. I’m immensely inspired by the baroque era, and the themes of religion truth beauty and love are very prevalent throughout my music and visuals. People were always saying how unique the sound was and were questioning the genre, I felt like I didn't really fit into left-field pop exclusively and so Baroquetronica was born. 

Discuss what you mean when you reference your “Jekyll and Hyde” state in the song

That lyric refers to my internal world, my mental state. I’d say the whole EP encapsulates a time in my life when I was going through a number of personal evolutions and being able to create the music helped me make sense of it all. It saved me in so many ways.

What can fans anticipate next from you, TIËRNY?

I’m hoping to collaborate with an art gallery for the REVELATIONS EP Release Party, and I’m working on EP 2. The sound is more avant-garde and futuristic. I'm looking forward to live performance the most and will hopefully get some tour supports once all this is over!!