Tigerwing Premieres “Every Little Part”

Tigerwing just released the atmospheric, cooled down sensational singleEvery Little Part”. Who is Tigerwing you ask? Tigerwing is the not so alter-ego of solo artist and producer Sarah Kelly. Her music is often described as dark, theatrical, and moody.

"Every Little Part" is a contemplative, downtempo track about loving every part of someone even when they can't love themselves. Trip-hop influenced, subdued, airy vocals over a rolling kick. For fans of FKA Twigs, Tirzah, Sevdaliza, this is a single you will thoroughly enjoy from the beginning to end. It starts off with the deep piano chord fused with the sensational trip-hop beat before Tigerwing’s melodramatic vocals transitions in, creating an ethereal and otherworldly setting for her listeners.

The uniqueness and stylistic approach of “Every Little Part” is what makes it stand out. You feel the song on a more realistic, in the moment type of sentiment. Rather just listening to the single, you’re placed inside and hypnotized by the gaudily vocals decorated with a glittering R&B passion fused with delicate soul and stretched out augments.

Listen to "Every Little Part" here.

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