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"Time," is on Hasani Yung's Side

Toronto’s own Hasani Yung can’t help but deliver eye-catching content that allows you to catch a vibe. Charged up with a lyrically powered message, he stays bringing everyone another mind-altering visual that has you fixated on the beat as well as the musical content.

Portraying his colossal momentum in the music industry, the cognizant essence of his latest single “Time,” captures our attention in a way that has us wanting to further explore the depths of Hasani Yung’s mind. The reality that surfaces in his lyrical dexterity displays his origin story in a manner that pours out the passion and emotion he backs it up with. “Time,” takes us through a sonic and visual representation of the vivacious energy encompassed by Hasani Yung.

With filmic components that have you basking in the vivid imagery of graffiti art and the cityscape of Banff and Calgary, Alberta, we see just how the up-and-coming rapper adapts to his surroundings away from his hometown of Toronto. The quick-cut scenes with unique effects complement the wording he courageously tours us throughout without taking any attention away from the meaning professed in “Time.”

Admiring the rhyme schemes explored as Hasani Yung allows his audience to relate to him, there’s a reason why his fan base is growing upwards. Ensuring that we’re connected to the person behind the artistic finesse, Hasani Yung continues to make a splash with the waves he makes.

Congratulations on the release of “Time.” With such a powerful message interlaced in this song, what inspired the creative process to blossom for this particular record?

What inspired the creative process for this particular song would be life! As it thought me so much in the past as it continues to teach as I go along. Blessed that I’m able to put my

experiences on a piece of paper and make dope songs out of it.

Throughout the writing and release process, did you notice a change in your headspace as you let the words pour out?

No change! I let my words pour out 120% on every song I made. some songs are different than others and I just wanna make the best of every song I create for real.

What does this track say about you as an artist? What are you hoping that your audience can take away from the messaging you bring forth?

What this track says about me as an artist is that I just want to paint the best picture possible for my audience and I feel this track gives them more of me as an artist by digging even more into what I have been through.

In terms of your biggest goal with your musical success, what are you aiming to conquer?

I’m aiming to conquer everything and I won’t stop even when I’m there! Like my momma once told me..."Shoot for the Stars and it will fall on you," and I heavily believe in manifestation. So I know it’s just TIME (pun intended).



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