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TK & Alexander Lewis' “Touchdown” Takes Love to Outer Space

TK and Alexander Lewis tell a story that takes love to outer space in their new single “Touchdown,” an incredible alternative pop fantasy that came true.

Based in LA, TK uses the sounds of pop, R&B, and others that are hard to label to create music that goes beyond the mainstream. He is a prolific songwriter that uses art to recreate his experiences in music with outstanding talent. His skills have taken him to do studio work with The Weekend, Gwen Stefani, Usher, and Rihana, among other great names.

Tk released “Touchdown,” produced by Alexander Lewis, a multi-instrumentalist with great influence from jazz and hip-hop. Together they made a song that transports your mind to a sci-fi scene where lovers travel through shiny stars and colorful nebulas thanks to the distant and distorted instrumentals and the tender vocals.

“Touchdown” starts with a distorted guitar that sounds like a spaceship's engines in the most melodic way. It is the instrumental heart of the song. At the same time, TK’s Voice is uplifting, and the lyrics help you picture the stars, aliens, and love stories. The instrumentals are diverse and ethereal, focusing on futuristic sounds.

The choice of effects makes the vocals and instrumentals reverberant and distant, like taking you somewhere extensive and unknown but promising. “Touchdown” is sweet and calming and the perfect song to listen to when you feel in a chilling mood or dream about going far away.

Hit the play button on “Touchdown” and go on an outer space adventure for the sake of love.

Welcome to BuzzMusic TK Touchdown, and a huge congrats on your successful collaboration with Alexander Lewis on your joint single, "Touchdown." What did you picture when writing “Touchdown?”

When writing Touchdown, I pictured two souls who discover interstellar travel, willingly leave their world and take their love on a journey beyond our solar system. After their travels, they return to earth as celestial beings. With their light shining beyond comprehension, they reveal the blueprint to build a utopian world and revolutionize the structures of civilization forever.

How did making “Touchdown” make you grow as a storyteller?

Each song I write is a building block for my growth as a storyteller. Using planetary and mythological references to paint a picture of a life unknown was a great exercise of my penmanship.

How did you and Alexander Lewis come together to make “Touchdown?”

He and I met during a writing session for Daniel Caesar through our mutual friend Kyla Moscovich. We made an incredible record and knew we needed to work together again. We met up at the studio a few months later and messed around with ideas until we discovered the initial progression and melody for the song. The rest is history.

What is the central message of “Touchdown?”

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. In our world, love can save lives, end wars, and heal hearts. Society, family, friends, responsibilities, fear, and so much more are things that come between humanity and our individual abilities to express love for one another.

Touchdown is about escaping from all of these hindrances and putting love above them all.

What's next for you?

I am currently rolling out a one-of-a-kind project called Eternal Garden. Eternal Garden is a brand new audio-visual experience, a series of music releases that follow excerpts of a deep-rooted narrative leading up to the release of the Eternal Garden NFT collection in late November.

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