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To Whom It May Shows Us Their "Upbeat Teeth"

Hailing from Galveston, Texas, is explorative metal trio To Whom It May with their flaming hot new single, "Upbeat Teeth," from their sophomore 11-track album, 'Olympian Gossip.'

To Whom It May comprises guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter Jonathan Jourdan, bassist Robb Mars, and drummer Dexas Villarreal. Together, they've made waves by touring with bands like Nothing More, Candlebox, and Texas-hailing Down, which helped put the boys on the map as a force to be reckoned with.

Continuing to explore and ignite the metal scene is To Whom It May's latest single, "Upbeat Teeth." This heated tune is the introductory track and lead single from To Whom It May's recent 11-track escapade, 'Olympian Gossip,' which is sure to bring their careers to new, exhilarating peaks. The trio ferociously grabs our attention with their versatile metal instrumentals and high-energy, cohesive performance.

Diving even further into the new hit, "Upbeat Teeth," the experience kicks off with a reporter-type voice expanding on the mysterious monoliths and where they came from. Without a second to waste, To Whom It May crashes their way through this intense track with the utmost power and might while still offering a grippingly emotional melodic sound to keep the passion at a high.

We're incredibly impressed with To Whom It May's cohesive energy and creative chemistry, as this song's dynamic instrumentals and conceptual theme merge together to offer a listening experience like no other. If this new track is anything like the rest of the 'Olympian Gossip' album, we might just have to take the record for a spin.

Feast your ears on To Whom It May's exciting and powerhouse new single, "Upbeat Teeth," and continue the experience with their new album, 'Olympian Gossip,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, To Whom It May. You've made your mark with your latest heavy-hitting and exciting single, "Upbeat Teeth." So where did you find the inspiration to create this powerhouse track?

I wanted to lead the album off with a driving riff that had forward momentum. Upbeat Teeth hit all those marks for me, and it created a nice bed of music to tell a story.

Was there a certain lyrical theme or message you wanted to convey through "Upbeat Teeth?" What did you want to make the listener think and feel?

'Upbeat Teeth' is about the destructive nature of being too sure of yourself, being a closed book, and not willing to learn and grow. Some see it in religion, some see it in pop culture, and it shows its teeth in many facets of our lives. It's about understanding were all capable of being that close-minded individual. The way to avoid it is to be ok with being wrong, learn from it, and say enough is enough.

Why did you choose to release "Upbeat Teeth" before your Olympian Gossip album? How does this single set the tone for the rest of the album to follow?

'Upbeat Teeth' is the first song on the new album and was picked to be so well before the album was fully written. It just had a vibe that felt right to pick up from where we left off with the last album. Both the energy and the meaning felt like a great starting point to introduce our audience to the new record.

How does the album 'Olympian Gossip' contrast your debut 2018 record 'The Great Filter?' Would you say the new record showcases your band's growth and experience over the last four years?

The new album definitely feels like a forward progression from our first record—both in songwriting and tonally. As for many musicians, the pandemic forced us to reanalyze how we approach creating music, and I essentially locked myself in my home studio and worked on self-producing this album for about two years. A lot of that time was spent failing on ideas that seemed too grandiose at the moment. By reaching for something bigger, I feel like the end result shows a growth that could not occur in any other way. The new album is something I'm truly proud of, and we can't wait to hear what the world thinks.

What's next for you?

The writing never stops. There are already plans for new music to be recorded. The goal is to keep creating and putting music out for our amazing and ever-growing fan base. We will also be hitting the road for some dates to support the new record as well!

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