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Toast Reminds Us To “Take It Slow”

toast, the alt-pop indie artist from Orlando, FL, has been making music out of his bedroom for the past three years.

Driven by pure nostalgia and art, toast's frontman Marcus Hidalgo aims to create music that connects listeners to a happier and more straightforward part of themselves. His latest release, "take it slow," is the second track in a long stretch of stories that will be told throughout the rest of the year, all trying to find what it sounds like to grow up.

"take it slow" is a multifaceted track that reflects on the struggles of real life and how hard it is not to be a kid anymore. The lyrics are youthful and playful, but they also capitalize on the difficulties of navigating relationships and figuring out how to make them work. toast's unique style captures the essence of being young while simultaneously hinting at the challenges of maturing and dealing with adult responsibilities.

"take it slow" lyrics are poetic and evoke longing and nostalgia. The opening verse, "just counting sheep while you still dream, to be close to me, but I'm begging please," is particularly striking. It sets the tone for the rest of the song, reflecting on a relationship that may have ended too soon. The chorus of "Take It Slow" is catchy and upbeat, with toast's signature youthful sound taking center stage.

The lyrics, "tryna figure you out has me going nuts wanna ask if you feel the same or not," are a testament to toast's ability to create catchy, yet meaningful, wordplay throughout the song. toast's use of sound is undoubtedly impressive as well. He incorporates electronic beats and synths, adding complexity and summery magic to the track. The sound perfectly complements the lyrics, creating an immersive experience for the listener.

"take it slow" is an excellent addition to toast's repertoire. It is a thoughtful and introspective track showcasing his unique style and ability to create lively and meaningful music. The song reflects on growing up and dealing with the complexities of life while also capturing the essence of what it means to be young. toast is an artist to watch in the alt-pop scene, and "take it slow" is a testament to his skill as a songwriter and musician.

Get lifted with this one out on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic toast, and congratulations to your new coming-of-age single, “take it slow,” which seems to capture the essence of youth and the complexities of growing up. Can you discuss your inspiration behind the song and how you created such a multifaceted track?

Thank you! "take it slow" was inspired by a mature mindset of looking at relationships in your late 20s. I’m not a teenager anymore, and I don’t feel honest writing about sneaking a girlfriend out or jumping straight into something serious. So combining the message of enjoying things for what they are with a sonically inspired track that sounds like I was back in 2010 was just an ironic decision on my part.

Your music has been described as pure nostalgia and art. How does "take it slow" fit into this description, and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners through this song?

This track is what I would expect to hear in Veronica Mars or the intro of a Disney Channel show. I’ve always wanted to make something my inner thirteen-year-old would love. I hope people can listen and know that they have so much time in their lives and it’s ok to enjoy things for what they are in the moment. I remember feeling like my world was over just because a girl wouldn’t text me back in 10th grade. And you have every right to feel like that as a fifteen-year-old, but I think it’s good to know that taking things slowly and enjoying them can draw out something beautiful you might not have seen before.

"take it slow" has a catchy and upbeat sound that captures the essence of youth. How do you approach incorporating electronic beats and synths into your music, and what role do they play in this particular track?

I incorporated many more electronic instruments and video game samples in my past projects to convey a playful sound. With these new songs, I’ve slowly gravitated away from that and just used live instruments to give a more raw and mature feel. I still wanted that youthful joy in there, so I pulled inspiration from my favourite bands as a teenager and used nostalgia as my guide to help with that. But concerning this track in particular, there is very little, or possibly none, if I remember correctly.

"take it slow" lyrics are poetic and evoke longing and nostalgia. Can you talk about your songwriting process and how you created the lyrics for this particular track?

Like some of my songs, I wrote this fictional narrative about someone in their late 20s/early 30s looking for a relationship that isn’t built off of the drama, rumours, or certain behaviours you would find in most teenage relationships. I’ve found that these are the people I am surrounded with the most today as I’m growing up with them, so much of it was inspired by their stories.

Your debut album, 'Marcus, why's your name toast??,' was well-received by fans and critics alike. How does "take it slow" fit into the overall story that you are trying to tell through your music, and what can fans expect from your upcoming releases?

Every song coming out this year, including "take it slow," is all part of the same story of toast, acting as a large sequel to the album in terms of growing up. These songs touch on topics like learning to accept adulthood and how to curate your relationships. The album was a secret dream world you could use to escape to feel like you’re in your high school cafeteria again. But these new songs are the wake-up calls and the real life that awaits you when you’re done dreaming in “Marcus, why’s your name toast??” that you must face. For future releases, you can expect more raw-sounding tracks that I have taken my time on and some of the most honest lyrics I’ve ever written, all leading up to the second full-length album later this year.


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