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Tom Keifer And The #keiferband Turn Back The Clock In New Music Video, “A Different Light”

One of the most beautiful things about good music is its timelessness. Tom Keifer, the former lead singer of Cinderella, is experiencing this with his fan-favourite hit “A Different Light.”

The song, written a decade ago by Tom and Savannah Keifer, delivers a simple yet uplifting and positive message that has ultimately stood the test of time and remains relevant today. Celebrating a decade since Keifer’s debut album and also of #keiferband, Keifer decided to release a brand new music video at popular demand.

Edited by Joshua Smith and featuring fan-shot live footage of the band from their first tour in 2013 to their most recent tour in 2022, the new video is sure to be a nostalgic blast from the past and present to all listeners, new and old.

The release of “A Different Light” music video is meant to commemorate ten years of incredible and precious memories with the Keifer Band fans. Opening sombre, the music video begins in black and white, showing distressed people. Although colour gradually starts to seep into the video, the change isn’t immediately permanent, as Kiefer sings lines like “Never dreamed she'd be this down 'n out / S'ugly, and barely getting through,” bringing attention to the struggle of everyday people.

However, eventually, this passes, and the sun finally starts shining, illuminating the previously darkened fans and participants and showcasing their smiles. It’s a simple yet beautiful message; as Kief says, “B'all Gods children need a place to land / Just because you fall don't mean you couldn't stand,” before breaking into the chorus with equally uplifting lyrics like “In a different light / Open up the heart and see / That everybody shines.” It’s the Kieferband at their best; open, positive and accessible while also showing off the unique connection Keifer has built with his fans over the years. For a tenth-anniversary new release, it could not be more perfect.

With the release of "A Different Light" video, Keifer and #keiferband are commemorating ten years of incredible memories with their fans. The band will also celebrate this impressive milestone on their Live Loud tour, with plenty of high-energy, eardrum-shattering shows planned for 2023. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and check out the new video for “A Different Light,” available now on YouTube, and keep an eye out for Live Loud tour dates, to be announced soon.


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