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Tom Loake’s Newest Release “Queen Of Cool” Is A Refreshing Indie/Pop Hit

Tom Loake is an independent, up and coming, singer/songwriter from London who gets his inspirations from the sights and sounds of daily life. He began playing in bands when he was only 12 years old! He’s been a session musician for many other artist but always has had a passion for writing. Loake’s specializes in playing bass guitar but his extensive knowledge in the music industry and ambitious drive led him to pursue a solo career. Tom Loake’s debut EP titled “By Myself” was recently released and the single “Queen Of Cool” is a catchy and addicting hit!

“Queen Of Cool” is the most recently released single on the two part EP “By Myself”, the title of the EP is very fitting because it is just that! He wrote/performed everything on the single “Queen Of Cool” (except the keys and drums). It was produced by a friend of his, Max, at his studio in Battersea. The layered instruments and joyful melody prove that Tom Loake’s skill set is unparalleled. The eclectic sound and overall carefree feeling of the track give me serious Fleetwood Mac vibes. Tom sings in the main chorus “She’s the Queen Of Cool but she treats you mean. She’s got a body straight out of a magazine” highlighting the topic of this superficial woman who uses her looks to get her through life. Tom’s vocals are hypnotizing, weightless and flowing. I love his songwriting style and unique melodies. “Queen Of Cool” is a hit that will resonate with anyone that listens to it. I recommend giving “Queen Of Cool” a repetitive listen because it will stick in your head for days! Stay on the look out for this up and comer, Tom Loake.

Listen to "Queen Of Cool" here and get to know more about Tom Loake below!

Hey Tom! Can you start by telling us more about how your passion for music grew at such a young age?

Hey Buzz Music, how’s it going?

I grew up in a really musical family, so I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. Both my sisters and parents play multiple instruments, so our house was full of music growing up. My dad plays in a few bands and I used to go and watch him as a kid. I learned a lot about playing live from watching him and the music he played certainly influence my own style.

I got my first bass guitar when I was 12 and immediately formed a band with my friends. At the time we thought we rocked, but looking back I’m not so sure…. We played our first shows when we were about 13/14 years old. I have no idea why the venues didn’t kick us out for being underage at our own shows! I’ve been gigging ever since really, in a number of different bands and as a session musician for a while. I love playing live. There’s something about music that brings people together and to deliver performance that inspires an audience is a really special feeling. There’s nothing quite like it.

We love the song “Queen Of Cool”! What was the inspiration behind it?

Thanks, glad you like it! It’s quite a special one for me, and it’s the song that the EP is focused around. The music is based around this really odd chord progression on the guitar, which I have to use my thumb to play. If you listen it in isolation it sounds very folky and not like the song at all. I was messing around with it for a few years but could never figure out what to do with it.

I actually wrote the lyrics whilst I was on a flight back from Canada. I’d broken up with my girlfriend and was in quite a tough spot. I clearly looked rough because the cabin crew upgraded me to First Class for free (thanks British Airways!). My phone was dead, so I wrote the lyrics on the back of the in-flight menu. I’ve still got the menu at home somewhere…

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Growing up I listened to a lot of blues and rock (Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zep, Allman Brothers), but my music taste now is very varied. I listen to a lot of Indie and acoustic music. Current favourite artists include: Sam Fender, War On Drugs, and The Hunna. 

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your EP “By Myself”?

I think hardest part was capturing the vibe I wanted on the recording. I played almost every instrument (except drums), so a lot of layering was required to build the songs up. The opening track “Chasing Tails” starts with a crowd singing, so I had to sing the same part about 20 times at three different pitches! I worked with my friend Max, who produced the EP and his studio experience was crucial in pulling everything together. We had great fun and there were certainly some comedy moments.

Can we expect more releases or a larger EP in the near future?

The rest of the EP is out in June, so I’m focusing on the release of that for now. I’m also playing a few gigs this summer so I won’t be back recording until the autumn. Some really cool tunes in the pipeline so watch this space!


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