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Tommy Charles Revs Our Summer Engines in “Lookin’ Like That”

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, is a singer-songwriter and country recording artist Tommy Charles with his feel-good summer single, "Lookin' Like That."

Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Tommy Charles always had a profound passion for country music coursing through his veins. That passion transferred over to his solo career, leading him to the finals of the hit TV show La Voix (The Voice.)

Now, Tommy Charles shows us what he's made of in a new and lively single, "Lookin' Like That." The song was created with help from a few industry heavyweights like Jim Beavers (Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan), Drake Milligan, Grammy-nominated songwriter Deric Ruttan (Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley), and Mitch Merrett (Chad Brownlee, Aaron Pritchett).

Together, the team and Tommy Charles take us back to good old classic country tunes with old-fashioned twang and charm.

Listening to "Lookin' Like That," the song energetically pierces open with bright electric guitars, lively fiddles, upbeat drums, and Tommy Charles's exciting vocals. As he jumps into his verse, he switches tones and shows us his broad and charming vocal range. His lyrics are incredibly playful, and it's the perfect listening experience before a night of summer thrills.

The song's instrumentation is so broad yet so classic; it has all the sounds and feelings of what a kickass country song should. Tommy Charles keeps us locked into his charismatic and energetic performance that leaves us smiling from ear to ear. This song will do the trick if you're looking for a feel-good and refreshing summer anthem.

Get your body moving with a dance-worthy tune like Tommy Charles's new single, "Lookin' Like That," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tommy Charles. We love the excitement and passion you bring in your new single, "Lookin' Like That." What do you love about this playful and upbeat summer anthem?

When I first heard it, it was an instant favorite. There is something so easygoing and funny about the lyrics and the mood of it seems to be taken straight out of a Brooks and Dunn album from the 90s. Really, I think it’s about not taking ourselves too seriously when it comes to our relationships and being grateful that we get to spend time with amazing, funny, and, in this case, VERY good-looking people. It’s about the magic you feel and the butterflies you get in your stomach when you spend a night dancing and partying with someone you really like. Mitch Merrett was the one who recommended the song to me, and I’m sure glad he did.

What was it like working with a few industry heavyweights for "Lookin' Like That"? Could you describe your experience?

It is very humbling and inspiring. Everyone who worked behind the scenes to bring ‘’Lookin’ Like That’’ to the people has been 100% dedicated to the process. It is fascinating how people who have seen it all in the industry, artists and entrepreneurs who have been doing this for ages, still honor this song as if it was their very first breakthrough project. Being around them has been so moving, and felt so right to me, that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I want to do this, wholeheartedly, for the rest of my life.

The lyrics in "Lookin' Like That" are so fun and playful. What do you hope new fans take away from the song?

As plain as it could sound, I hope they have fun! I hope they don’t take themselves too seriously and that they cherish the people they have in their lives for the time they’re allowed to spend with them. If it’s Friday night, I hope they take somebody out and have the best night of their lives!

What was it like shooting the music video for the song and who did you work with? Was this your first time creating a music video?

It was indeed my first time. It was an amazing experience! It sure took me out of my comfort zone, as I was not used to acting or flirting in front of the camera at all. In the end, it’s a funny song, so the whole shoot was just as funny. Alberto Marenco is a great director and he put everything together so smoothly that my only concern was to let go of myself and enjoy the ride. The whole film team at Crank is sensational and I’m really looking forward to making more projects with them.

What's next for you?

The future looks bright ahead! I am more inspired than I’ve ever been before, have just

moved to BC to be in the heart of the action and I’m working with an AMAZING team

that makes it all possible. Hopefully, I will meet all the fans on the road very soon as more songs are released in the coming months. I wish to invite everybody on board for this country music road trip of a lifetime.


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