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Tony Garmon’s Competition Is the King of Country, George Strait

Serenading us with heartfelt lyrics and tender vocals is a singer-songwriter and country recording artist Tony Garmon with his sweet-sounding new tune, "She's in love with George Strait."

Tony Garmon began delving into music creation when covid struck the world in 2020. He's a firm believer that the man upstairs has provided him with the soundtrack to his heart, mind, and life. Now, Garmon continues to work alongside the Lord while creating songs that showcase growth, strength, and love.

Now, Tony Garmon releases a playful and spirited ballad entitled "She's in love with George Strait," taking listeners into a twangy and light-hearted country tune that oozes passion and tenderness, especially as Garmon lays his heart on the line but keeps the energy light and wistful. The song covers Garmon's lover, who has her eye on the King of Country Music, George Strait, all within this soothing and ear-pleasing tune.

Diving even further into "She's in love with George Strait," the song brightly opens with luminous fiddles and tender acoustic guitars alongside the lightest percussion to keep the groove alive. As Tony Garmon's blissful vocals begin pouring through our speakers, he sets the scene with lyrics that depict loving someone who idolizes the King of Country, yet in quite the amusing and playful way.

We love how easy this song is to listen to; Tony Garmon throws hints that his lover is swooned by Mr. Strait while urging Garmon to save his money for when he comes around town. This song has everything a conceptual, meaningful, and effective country song should; Garmon brings all the heart and passion we could ask for.

Kick back and relax with the soothing and wholesome sounds of Tony Garmon's latest single, "She's in love with George Strait," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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