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Top of His Game, King Malik Heats Things Up With, "Cali Boys"

Born in Sacramento, California, American Hip Hop artist King Malik acquired his love for music at a young age. His inspiration stems from numerous outlets such as his passion for creativity, life, and various genres of music.

King Malik started writing, making beats and rapping, to showcase his artistic versatility. With his pedal to the metal, he continues to verify his hard work, dedication, and general love for music.

Introducing the world to his most recent single, “Cali Boys,” King Malik provides an undeniable impact with the energetic persona he exudes in the up-beat pulsation of this alluring single.

Boisterous quips come flowing in a smooth manner as he drowns the speakers in simmering cadences that basically jump out at you upon first listen. The confidence that oozes from his vocalization provides us with an attentive showcase of talent that reflects the authenticity running through King Malik’s blood.

Catching our attention from the moment the song begins, we can’t help but bop our head to the buoyant instrumentation that serves up dynamism with a side of gusto. “Cali Boys,” transports you to the warm California breeze you feel on your skin as you roll the windows down and blast your favorite track at full volume.

King Malik doesn’t miss with the effervescent vigor that he continues to provide to his listeners far and wide. There is a certain tone that he produces in which he takes you under his spell and conveys vivid imagery in your mindset. Being the closest thing to teleportation we have, we’ll take it. King Malik outdoes himself with yet another intoxicating hit that we’re ready to replay.

Congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Cali Boys.” We love the vibes of this track! What inspired you to write this song?

Being from California I moved to Houston for some years. And when I came back I just wanted to pay homage to my home. The whole state needs that connection. So I wanted to do an up-tempo song you can play anywhere.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when creating this track?

I use Logic and Pro Tools. I also record, mix and master all my music. I like to record in the morning so I got up and fired up Logic Pro. I needed a track that day. I called my homie Gummo in Miami told him I needed a Cali beat he emailed it an hour later. The beat was on fire so after listening to a lil while I knew what I wanted to do with it.

With your musical influence mainly stemming from West Coast Rap, Southern Rap, Neo Soul, Classical, and R&B music, which artists do you find have the most influence on the music that you create?

I'd have to say I have my own influence because I have so many styles. But I feel people like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Dre Dre, Nas, and Barry White.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have been given through your artistic journey to date?

Keep going it's hard work.

What's next for you?

I just dropped my album CALIFORNIA BLAZING that features the single Cali Boys that's out on all platforms is an anthem of the state of California that's gonna last forever. I’m currently working on my next album in Los Angeles and San Diego, Ca. So you should link in right now to my album California Blazing it's out on all platforms to stay tuned ‘cause I drop original projects prolifically. And I’m truly paying homage to the Golden State. Yeah!! Yeah!!



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