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Topps Chanzo Says “Say Yes Or Say No”

Hailing from Birmingham, Topps Chanzo, or simply Topps, is a multifaceted singer-songwriter, rapper, and actor poised to make an indelible mark on the UK Pop and Rap scenes. With a musical lineage that traces back to his father, the lead singer of Birmingham reggae band Beshara, Topps' early passion for music has grown into an unstoppable force. From his debut single "Social," making waves on the BAFTA-winning BBC soap Eastenders to the success of his boxing-themed song "Ring Walk," Topps has demonstrated his dynamic range and undeniable talent.

Characterized by his energetic and quirky persona, Topps' versatility, confidence, and ambition have led to a staggering one million streams and views across all social media platforms. This rising star continues to surprise and inspire with his innovative creations. His latest drop, “Say Yes or Say No,” a '90s-style dance track with an EDM twist, is no exception.

Infused with cascading piano chords and deep synths, “Say Yes or Say No” pays homage to the '90s dance scene while injecting a modern EDM sensibility. The pulsating bass melody is the song's backbone, propelling the listener through an electrifying auditory journey. Topps skillfully combines nostalgia with contemporary flair, creating an irresistible and infectious anthem.

The lyrics for “Say Yes or Say No,” uplifting and curious, delve into the emotional complexities of relationships, exploring themes of choice, commitment, and vulnerability. His raw and soulful vocals bring depth and authenticity to the bouncy tune, drawing the listener into the narrative and inviting them to connect with the song personally.

Topps Chanzo's fusion of nostalgia and modern sounds on “Say Yes or Say No” is a testament to his versatility and creative vision. With an unwavering dedication to his craft and a keen ability to captivate audiences, Topps is undoubtedly an artist to watch as he redefines contemporary music's boundaries.

Tap into “Say Yes or Say No” out on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Topps Chanzo! Kudos to your new bounce with “Say Yes or Say No,” where you've combined old house elements with modern EDM sensibilities. What inspired you to explore this unique fusion, and how did you blend these two styles in the song? Thank you, Buzz Music, for the invite & the kind words about Say Yes or No! I'm a fan of 90's House and today's EDM. I considered what I liked about the past in terms of production and merged it with what I like about today's productions. The final result was ''Say Yes or Say No". In terms of what led to my inspiration & what led me to blend the styles together, I wanted to create a piece that had the combination of house style and the EDM style because I wanted to capture both elements as I thought the blend would be a perfect sound for something fresh and could be catchy enough to get peoples attention.

The lyrics of "Say Yes or Say No" delve into a familiarly complex relationship, focusing on themes of choice, commitment, and vulnerability. Can you share some personal experiences or inspirations that led you to craft such an emotionally charged narrative in this track? I would say that situationships are an involving development in relationships currently, so that is what got me to think of creating a song that could capture the feeling you would have during this time in a situationship, which could be uncertain, frustration, anxiety etc. Many people can relate to feeling like that, and that is always the aim of my music to create art that my fans can connect with & relate to. Throughout "Say Yes or Say No," your vocal delivery is raw and smooth, bringing an emotional depth to your song. How do you approach capturing and conveying such emotional intensity in your vocal performance, and how important is it to you as an artist? Vocal warmups help me prepare my voice for such an emotional song! But focusing on the words and the meanings behind the lyrics is how I can portray it through my voice on the mic! I imagine I am going through the song's story myself & at that moment. I can produce an intense vocal that my fans can resonate with. The success of your past songs has solidified your place as a trailblazer in contemporary music. Are there any specific artists or genres you would like to collaborate with or explore in future projects to expand your musical horizons further? I would like to work with Flakkë from Brazil and Mike Emilio from Sweden. They are both great producers, and I know we could make something great together. The aim is to work with several international artists, as combining different cultures could be excellent. I would explore the drum & bass sound and electronic dance.

With the undeniable force to come through "Say Yes or Say No" and your continued growth as an artist, what can fans expect from your upcoming projects? How do you envision your musical journey evolving in the future, and what goals do you have for yourself and your artistry? One of my goals as an artist is to tour the world, performing my songs to people at concerts and festivals in different countries! I think my music connects with everyone, no matter what language or country they are from. My music helps me crossover to other worldwide industries, such as Hollywood acting & WWE, to name just a few. My fans can expect an EP from me very soon with fresh new catchy tunes that will brighten their day!

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