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Toqyeo Releases Crazy New Rap Single "Yungn'"

Toqyeo is a hot new 22 year old rapper coming straight out of Vancouver. Toqyeo just released his first ever single titled “Yungn’”, and it’s like he’s been in the game for years.. He's slick, has a dope flow, perfected his beats, and he really grabs attention with his boss persona. Toqyeo is making a name for himself by starting off the rap game strong with the hit “Yungn’”. “Yungn’” is a track that you can’t sit still to, it has a mansion pool party vibe to it that makes you want to let go and enjoy the moment. “Yungn” has a Tyga type of energy to it that makes it the perfect track to blast with friends with the windows down, or even to come up in the club. Everything about this track is impressive, especially considering that this is Toqyeo’s first single.

As a listener, it is impossible not to immerse yourself in the beat of the song. With the combination of a sick flow, catchy lyrics, and a confident rapper, “Yungn’” will give you a rush of confidence and set a positive, upbeat atmosphere. Being new to the music industry isn’t stopping Toqyeo from setting his mark in the world of rap. Based off of ‘Yungn’”, Toqyeo can be compared to Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Dj Mustard, among other successful rappers. Toqyeo is just getting started and he has unlimited potential and talent. It is evident that he has skill and knows how to use it, and this will likely get picked up by large artists and producers when he gains more traction with more tracks!

Check out "Yungn'" here, as well as Toqyeo's exclusive interview below.


Catch up with Toqyeo via the artists Instagram.


What made you want to start your career as an artist?

It wasn't until recently that i got a lot of access to music. I had friends who could play instruments as well as engineering beats and creating them, all that access pushed me to begin making music.

Where do you see yourself and your rap career in five years from now?

I see my future being bright because I am confident in my talent musically and with the right support I believe I would go far.

Are there any artists that you look up to? If yes, who are they and how do they impact your music?

There aren't really any artists that I look up to, although each and every artist out there I learn from and see how I can use it to improve.

Love your new single Yungn'! Can you tell us a bit about the song and the meaning behind it?

When I made the song all I could think about was just being young in a wealthy city and trying to make the most of it. That's why in the hook i said "Yung N****" get the bread. That's always the goal- to make money, not just for me but for the family. Everybody has to eat some bread!

What's next for you through 2019?

Expect more hit singles from Toqyeo because this is not the last time you will hear of me.



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