"Radio" By Tori Leppert

From Kankakee, IL, Tori Leppert starting singing around the age of 9 years old and

playing piano at the age of 5. After acquiring piano skills, she picked up the guitar and violin and

her talent continued to grow. Tori’s biggest inspiration is her dad who’s life revolved around Tori,

not to mention that he also played guitar throughout his whole life. Recently graduating from the

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Music Education. Leppert plans to

move out to LA to pursue teaching or working in a studio

“Radio” is a beautiful soft and intricate acoustic somewhat folksy sounding due to the

heavy guitar instrumental and fingerpicking. Tori’s voice is really soothing and soft making it an

interesting listen. The song includes a lovely string section which adds a certain depth and

maturity to the track. An easily relatable topic for many, a heartbreak about a boy who doesn’t

feel the same way that you did. That one thing that makes you remember that person is the

song you used to share together. A wonderful ending of self accomplishment that Tori is able to

say “This is your song so I’m saying goodbye”. A powerful way of showing how everything she

felt and went through wasn’t all for nothing and that she ultimately was able to overcome

everything and is strong enough to say goodbye.

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