Decadence Releases Celebratory Anthem for the Raptors and her City

Hailing from Toronto, Decadence is a fierce urban artist and songwriter playing catch-up on a career she put on hold until she was inspired to go for it in honor of her late father, also a recording artist. Her new single “Dumb it Down” is a hard-hitting anthem that pays tribute and celebrates the Raptors NBA victory and the rise of Decadence’s city. IT also serves at the first single from her upcoming EP, produced by Vic Branco!

Dumb it Down” is a song that carefully walks the line between urban, pop-rock, and hip-hop, appealing with familiarity but also engaging the more thoughtful listener with a unique ambiance, a clear level of character, and a poetic and confident, emotional lyrical drive. Decadence’s vocal style is mature, captivating, and charmingly smooth. There’s an accessible nature to the melody in “Dumb it Down”, the rise up from the hard-hitting verses to the uplifting hook, but with that, you get a notable level of personality and style that helps move the song away into its own hip-hop realm. Contrast is utilized effortlessly, in both the development of the instrumentation and in Decadence’s own varied and passionate performance. The song is addictively enjoyable, seeming partly classic, nostalgic, and a fresh and exciting alternative to the mainstream loops of today.

Check out “Dumb it Down” here and read more with Decadence in our exclusive interview!

Hey Decadence! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We’re hypnotized by your voice! Have you had any professional training or having you honed your vocal style over time? 

I was always into music of all different genres from a young age; in high school. In grade 12  I decided to take an elective course in the choir.  I’ve been working with my friend, producer Vic Branco of Iguana Studios for the past 2 years and he has helped me develop my vocal range and live performance.

We’re really vibing with your new single! What does your track “Dumb it Down” mean to you? What inspired this song? 

Dumb it down was originally written as a woman empowerment song with clever metaphors referring to the NBA and having more game than the ‘Parker Brothers’. This past June Toronto won the NBA championship and that inspired me to rewrite the lyrics adding  ‘We the North’ as the new the hook.  I’m proud to be from ‘The 6’ (Toronto) and wanted to support our basketball team who has always been referred to as the underdog in the NBA. ‘Dumb it Down’ Is ‘anthemic’ hip-hop pop-rock song that celebrates the Raptors victory and the rise of our Canadian city.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your upcoming EP?

My late father Derek Larson who was a musician in the ’80s passed away shortly after I was born. He has been my driving force and is why today I’m pursuing a music career. Although our music genres are very different, his work inspired me to go after the dream him and I both share.