Toronto Rock Band Johnson Crook Shares A Mellow Side With New Single “Desert Rose” & We're Obsessed

From the moment Toronto's promising band of Johnson Crook who consists of rhythmic guitarist and vocalist Noel Johnson, brothers Nathan (lead guitarist, vocalist), Trevor Cook (drummer and vocalist), and bass player Jared Craig played together they knew they not only had harmony in their voices, but a deep personal musical connection that made the idea of forming a group a foregone conclusion.

Johnson Crook released the single “Desert Rose” which exhibited the beautiful harmonic melodies with an extreme talented instrumental backtrack these guys created. With lyrics reading “Desert Rose, what I call you, cause it’s so easy to love you, your heart is all I ask for, in the daylight I can see your beauty, and it terrifies me to think I might lose you” it’s a clear interpretation to me that we can add this to our love infested playlists! The vocals are super calming to listen too. With a great deal of range mix with that Rock n Roll rasp the band did bring a sense of edge to a more sweet-sounding and mellifluous single. That’s personally one of my favorite musical modules that’s composed in this single is the intricate delivery of a love jam. Johnson Crook shares an honest music approach with pure love stemming from their small-town backgrounds. With musical influences including The Eagles and Avett Brothers , each member of Johnson Crook contributes equally, injecting their unique personalities and talents into the fused sound built on four voices.

Connect with Johnson Crook on Spotify and check out our interview with the band below!

How did the formation of Johnson Crook come about? 

Noel Johnson (lead singer) and brothers Trevor (drums) and Nathan (lead guitar) Crook meet at an artist development program in Toronto Canada. Both in separate groups. When they started hanging out and jamming the music was a unique bond. They didn’t plan on starting a band but, when joined with bass player Jared Craig the music and harmonies came so naturally to them, it was a no brainer that this was something they needed to pursue!

With a family bond and close friendship included, do you guys think the connection you have with one another helps translate into great music?

Very much so! There is a family bond with myself (Trevor) and my brother Nathan of course but we are just as close to Noel and Jared. We’re more then just friends, we are a family and our adventures together and the people we meet help translate the music we are creating. We tell stories of our lives and with the four of us we help each other to create what the sound of Johnson Crook really is.

In what ways did ‘The Eagles’ and ‘Avett Brothers’ musically influence you and your music?

We have all been fans of that southern rock/country style since we were younger. Huge harmonies with relatable melodies are something we really try to reach our audiences with. Both bands wrote songs that make you feel something in a way that sticks with you. We are just trying to create that our selves in the most musical way. Lots of harmonies!

What is one characteristic you guys would describe your band and why?

We are a high energy band. We live for live performances. I think you can really understand the sound of Johnson Crook when you see us live.

Being in a band has its challenges due to different personalities and opinions, what factor keeps you guys together and the bond so tight?

Focus on the music. That’s what it’s all about. Yeah all four of us have different personalities but together we create something special. If you focus on everything but the music you won’t be able to enjoy the journey.

What's next for Johnson Crook?

We are heading back into the studio to work on some new music that we hope to release in the new year. More stories of love, life and adventures!

How would you describe your live performance?

We have had a very busy year playing southern Ontario, Canada. Touring out west in Canada and heading south to Kansas City, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee. Our live performance is the best place to hear our music. We are a live performance band. The music we create is all live, high energy and honest. We try and put everything we have into our live show to try and connect with the people there.

Connect with Johnson Crook on social media:

Facebook: @johnsoncrookband

Instagram: @johnsoncrook Twitter: @johnsoncrook #BuzzMusic