Tory Floyd Inspires Listeners With the Powerful Release of, "A(WY)"

Originally from the Midwest, Tory Floyd grew up between two worlds where she would either put on-at-home concerts that would cater to her parent's heavy rotation of artists like The Jackson 5 or build a deep relationship to the world of sports.

Since 2018, she has constantly been in the studio with her number one collaborator and producer; her brother Preston Scott of Press Tone Productions. Her soulful pop style pulls influence from melody master Ariana Grande and lyrical storyteller Julia Michaels. Expanding her impact on the industry, Tory Floyd has caught the attention of those in the TV and Film world all while having multiple nationally and internationally aired music placements.

Her artistry speaks for itself as she is fresh off the release of her most recent single, “A(WY).” Casting a tune into the realm of edgy pop meets R&B fusion, the song's decoded title translates into “Alone (With You).”

The soothing instrumentation hosts the versatile vocalization of Tory Floyd’s sultry vocalization as she dips between a spoken word essence to kick off the track, but exudes her extensive vocal range throughout her introspective croons throughout the remainder of the composition. Tapping into a tenacious persona that hones in on knowing the value of yourself, Tory Floyd navigates listeners through the anthemic narrative catered to anyone waking up to a relationship that diminishes their value and holds them back.

Stimulating our headspace with an array of harmonies more bone-chilling than the last, the musicality brought in unison is a seamless example of what brilliant production techniques can do for an emerging artist. Flaunting the wisdom she yearns to share with her fan base, the dreamscape of sounds collides in a rhythmic kingdom of introspective thoughts through an imaginative lens of silver linings.