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“Touch Of Blue” Proves The Music Is In Anthony Lee Erik’s Soul

Growing up in Jersey, music was always part of Anthony Lee Erik’s life. There was a song for every mood, event, every heartbreak, and every good time. As time went on, Anthony began playing background guitar to some of his favorite tracks. He further established his craft and can now play anything from jazz to heavy metal. No matter the genre, Anthony can figure out a way to play it, arrange it, and record it. ALways travelling and always writing new material, say tuned for what Anthony Lee Erik delivers next.

“Touch Of Blue” is a groovy and flowing ballad by Anthony that features no vocals. Music itself is a language of its own and Anthony Lee Erik knows that. He uses various rhythmic textures to really hone in on the blues undertones of the track. It’s smooth sailing vibe and catchy riffs take the listener on a journey. No words are needed to experience to soundscape that Anthony has created. The flawless mixing of instrumentals is precise and finely-tuned. The lead guitar weaves through ups and downs of intricate sound as it paints a story. Rather than using vocals, the use of instrumentals is much more satisfying. Anthonyt knows what his fans want to hear and delivers it effortlessly. With so much success already, I can’t wait to hear what project Anthony Lee Erik has for us next! 

Check out “Touch Of Blue” here and read more below in our exclusive interview?

How did you get started making music?

I actually stated on the drums when I was very young but basically just did that to beat the crap out of something with sticks, but then by chance I wound up at the parents house of a pretty famous guitar player. Being a pretty nosy kid I was spying all over the guys room and happened to somehow look under the bed, under some magazines and other junk I see a guitar. I pull it out from under the bed, what caught my eye was the sunburst finish which I would later find out was a vintage Fender Strat...there was a crappy little amp under there too (can't remember the brand), being a kid and not caring I ask if I can have it even though it sounded horrible because it was so out of tune. The dad says "sure, he never uses it anymore" and off I go guitar and amp in the back of my dads car wondering how I was going to make this thing sound good - - - shortly thereafter the drums sticks got thrown in a drawer and a week later sold with the drum set...

Do you have any musical influences? How do you pull from them for inspiration?

My influences are music and life itself. It could be a line, a lyric, a beat or a feeling that a texture of music creates - - - that starts my imagination on the thought process of creating new music or sometimes a beat or a riff will just pop into my head and I'll wake up, lean over and play a few bars or find a way to mentally note it and go back to sleep or whatever and get back to it when I wake up...  

What's your writing process like?

I have to hit when the creative process taps me, it's not like a switch you can turn on and off because then it feels forced, which I have done for deadlines or whatever reason and have always not been completely satisfied with the result so when it strikes I just follow along and do my thing. It's where I feel most comfortable...

“Touch Of Blue” has such a great sound! What is the meaning behind this song? What do you want your listeners to take away from it?

Thank you, that means a lot. I'm glad you asked about the meaning of the song, I am sure it will mean different things to different people which is the whole idea behind music. But my idea of "blue" in this instance was not meant to be sadness, instead it was meant to always have a  moment of "calm" or "peace in your life" - - - just a "touch" of blue, a moment to maintain balance in the crazy lives we lead. Take a breath, close your eyes and let the song take you away for 3 minutes and 24 seconds...     

When you’re not all busy making music, what do you do?

I own and run a Computer and Network Solutions company...

What are some challenges you’ve faced as an up and coming artist? How have you overcome those challenges?

None really, I just do what I do. I don't feel the need to become famous, but, yes I would like my music to make it around the world to all kinds of people so that it can give them the hope, energy and imagination we all need to be creative in this world. Music helps people, sometimes saves them and points their lives in the right direction or as I said previously "just a moment of peace". If I can do that I'm happy...


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