Tour the Dark Side of Love With Lyndon Laveaux's "Aphrodite"

Lyndon Laveaux has always been a student of music. As an infant, his mother often played records from different decades but no decade as prominent as the 80s. From Queen Latifa to Nine Inch Nails, his mother exposed him to a myriad of genres.

One thing she emphasized was the use of lyrics. Words have power, she would say to a young Lyndon. In elementary school, he met Ruben Raymond of The Track Burnaz (DJ Khaled, Big Sean, Future), who showed him how to read music and instill a level of confidence in him that would carry throughout his career.

Capturing the attention of his audience in a manner that exudes his authentic charisma, Lyndon Laveaux is fresh off the single and music video release for “Aphrodite.” The dark essence that seeps into the intensity of this track plays into an eloquent use of time and spatial ratios, dominating the icy cadences and rhyme schemes that Lyndon Laveaux uniquely executes.

There is a sense of mystery that interlaces with his prevailing tone that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you beg for the lyricism that is offered up in a memorable manner. Executing a music video that plays into the possibility of a dark underworld lurking, we see Lyndon Laveaux enticed by a femme who transitions from a vampire to normalcy in a matter of moments. With the focus being on mystical elements that play into Greek goddesses, tarot cards, and enigmatic figures steering the narrative, we are hypnotized into a deeper state of skewed love.

“Aphrodite got my soul, got my body” is the lyrical motif that pulls us into the portrayal of lust from a newfound dimension with the sonic and visual components throbbing at your senses. The intimate motions that we can see through a choreographed series of movements have the protagonist intriguing the viewers and Lyndon Laveaux himself as he enters her universe.

Each passage navigates us through the inner thoughts of Lyndon Laveaux from a much more intricate viewpoint of where his expression meets his retrospective thoughts. Colliding visions from the present moments to the netherworld showcased, we’ll take the creative direction that Lyndon Laveaux continues to provide us with.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of the music video for “Aphrodite.” What inspired such a unique vision into the concept of love?

Thank you so much for having me again, you guys have shown so much support just wanted to start off with saying thank you immensely, well, to be honest, I wrote this song to get over my ex, after going through years of an on and off situation, she randomly ghosted me, during the grieving/healing process I questioned my value as one may do during a breakup, I initially wanted to write a somber oh woes is me record about her but then I decided why make it about her? She doesn't want to be here that's her prerogative so I decided to write a song about qualities I find attractive in a partner, I was able to use women I admire names as punchlines, and in addition, I used the idea of Aphrodite the Goddess of love as a metaphor of how one can get enamored with someone and get lost in love, having a partner comes with a diaspora of expectations so I was hoping to explore the highs and lows through a ridiculously hard beat provided by the brilliant mind of Ruben Raymond (he gave the beat its foundation)and mixed by the talented JB, both of them are part of the genius super producing group The Track Burnaz (Future, Big Sean, DJ Khaled) I'm truly grateful for my circle, they say you're the average of the 5 people you keep around you, I've said this before and I feel inclined to say it again, I'm surrounded by The Avengers

Could you please take us into what the creative process was like when filming the visuals? How long did it take for you to shoot all of the scenes in “Aphrodite?"

As mentioned before I have a talented gifted group of people around me and one of those people is my big homey/brother Young Tez, Tez is a creative savant, in my opinion, he directs/shoots/edits all my visuals, he also is a phenomenal MC and tattoo artists, I'm almost certain he could build a house if he wanted, so the process of a visual begins with me and the concept, I then have a conversation with Tez about what I'm goin for than I let go and let God, I seldom micromanage, I trust the people around me to trust their souls and go off artistically, Tez always delivers what I expect and then some, truly it doesn't even matter if my budget were to increase cause that would just mean Tez getting paid more. I feel no reason to ever go outside my circle for resources because truly I'm provided for. Day of the shoot Tez goes in as a director, I trust his editing, and voila we have yet another superb visual to be ingested by the masses. It took us about 5 hours to shoot the video, Veronica Rodarte did the makeup, she is my go-to when it comes to all aspects of makeup, she is incredibly talented and Lisa Molenda who was the female lead is just breathtaking, grateful she was able to be a part of this.

What’s the significance behind the female lead transition between a vampire and a human in the music video? Was this always your vision?

Well for me I wanted to show duality which Tez in editing delivered with, love is messy, one day it's easy, the next the honeymoon period is done and now you have to really dig in, sunny days are easy but the real test of any relationship is weathering a storm and I thought with Aphrodite being a goddess which I feel all women are, for in my belief system I believe we're all variant expressions of the Divine, so I thought it would be interesting to use something otherworldly to express that idea and Vampires are just too cool, the Buffy fan inside me appreciated this visual greatly!

How have you found yourself grow as an artist from your first release to the release of this song?

Oh absolutely a thousand percent, I remember Ruben about 5 or so years said to me "I can't wait to see you in five years" I remembered my bruised Ego screaming in my head "BUT I'M DOPE NOW"...I was cool back then but nowhere near where I am now, nowadays I trust myself more and more, if it doesn't feel right whether it's the beat or a verse I wrote it won't come out, I use my soul as a north star when it comes to being creative, I used to not trust myself for a long time, the fact is I've wasted many years living through people's eyes, but once I began learning self-love in an authentic way, I began to trust what I bring to the table, I trust my pen. I also do my best to never find myself complacent, I think we don't stop learning until we transition, and even then who knows. I've grown as a writer, I'm so technical as an MC, no syllable, metaphor, or delivery is wasted around these parts, I allow myself to be inspired by my peers rather than be jealous, I feel steel sharpens steel so if you live your life open, I think that's where the alchemy truly begins.