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Townes Takes Us On An Amusing Musical Adventure On “Ghostwriters”

Is anyone down for a wildly entertaining musical journey?

Having spent several years perfecting the art of live performance and working his way up from the bottom, Monreal’s very own Matt Radich, a.k.a Townes, has emerged as one of his city's most intriguing and exciting acts. The talented musician has consistently found ways to impress and captivate while also not taking himself too seriously, making for an artistic identity that’s easy to love. With a new EP and short film titled “Ghostwriters” slated for release on November 10th, this dynamic artist continues to impress with every release.

Drawing influence from bands like Beck, Hot Chip, and Diamond Rings, Townes has created a sound that hits the sweet spot between indie-rock and pop. With his infectious sense of humor, stellar songwriting abilities, and retro late 2000s style production, his releases always feel incredibly unique. The man simply knows how to tell stories in entertaining ways; amusingly, his upcoming EP “Ghostwriters” is no different. “Ghostwriters” tells the story of two songwriters kidnapped and forced into writing a comeback hit for a pop star embroiled in a public scandal. We already know Townes is taking us on a wild and entertaining ride from the premises.

Beginning with a tender and nostalgic-sounding piano, the EP “Ghostwriters” title sees Townes instantly slip us into a relaxing soundscape. His vocal performance is delicate and gentle, reminiscent of a gentle summer breeze, and you can’t help but fall in love with Townes’s easy charm. As he sings lines like “Well you know it takes time to make good art / so I wrote this song right for you, from the bottom of my heart,” it’s easy to forget the premise of the entire project, but like we said; Townes’s storytelling ability is so unique that it’s impossible not to get absorbed in the engaging narratives he creates.

Townes’s latest release, “Ghostwriters,” from the identically named EP, is a slightly tongue-in-cheek yet charming offering to lift you on a rainy day. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Townes’s latest release, “Ghostwriters”, on all majour streaming platforms. Check out the full EP and short film as well, also available now.


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