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Trèvon Slaten Brings Us Through an Emotional and Life-Changing "Moment"

Taking his dreams and artistry from Tennessee to Los Angeles, the r&b/pop artist and singer-songwriter Trèvon Slaten leaves us in awe of his emotional and conceptual single, "Moment."

Through each release, Trèvon Slaten encourages us to become a part of his musical journey, promising us an engaging experience through his sonic stories. With inspirations like Beyoncé, Prince, and contemporary acts like Sam Smith and Miguel, Trèvon Slaten guarantees that there is something for everyone to enjoy in his music.

Confirming this with his recent hit, "Moment," Trèvon Slaten serves us a unique blend of r&b and pop, all while slowing down the sonic production to allow his emotional message to stand clear as day. We're highly impressed with Trèvon Slaten's poetic and vulnerable lyricism, as he opens up about a past relationship and longing for their touch once again.

As we take a listen to "Moment," Trèvon Slaten graces us with the utmost ethereal and emotional production through melancholy piano melodies, a haunting vocal sample, and rather delicate drum breaks. Trèvon Slaten makes his beautiful vocal appearance at a down-tempo pace and takes us by surprise with his natural warmth and tenderness, singing of the moment he had to leave love behind.

Trèvon Slaten's enthralling vocals are perfectly complemented by the somber and delicate pop/r&b production, primarily through the soothing and serene background vocal sample that haunts the atmosphere. Displaying his broad vocal range and powerful delivery with each opportunity, Trèvon Slaten truly made this track incredibly dynamic, similar to the ever-changing emotion he's fueled the piece with.

Become one with Trèvon Slaten's mesmerizing and thought-provoking music, as he invites listeners on his journey with emotional pieces like "Moment," songs that move mountains and stand the test of time.

We truly admire the vulnerability and genuine emotion you've placed into your single "Moment." What pushed you to create such a moving piece like this?

"Moment" is about a conversation I wish I could have with my ex. I sometimes reminisce on all the great times we had when we were together. Moments we had at theme parks or moments we had to lie outside at 2 am trying to count stars we couldn't even see because of the LA lights. It's like I wrote an open letter saying "I know you moved on and you're happy, but do you ever think of the times we had, or is it just me."

Your lyricism within "Moment" is incredibly raw and vulnerable. Are you familiar with delivering vulnerable themes and messages within your music? Is it difficult for you?

I love being able to be raw and vulnerable with my music. I desire to tell a story with each song I sing. I love to be able to have my listeners engaged and able to relate to every story I tell. I don't find it difficult at all because I aim to express to people it's okay to show vulnerability. showing it allows you to feel compassion with sharing and sharing can open a door to possibilities and opportunities.

We must note the tender and enthralling production/instrumentation within your single "Moment." Did you create the sonics yourself? How did you manage to create such minimal yet highly effective sonics?

A producer based in Russia produced this beat. He goes by the name Shadow Talent and his work is incredible. We connected on Instagram and when I was checking out his work, this beat took over my soul. Listening to it was so captivating and the lyrics just flowed out of me.

We've noticed that you tend to jump back and forth between pop and r&b. Would you say that you're most comfortable within these genres, or do you want your music to stand out from genre conformity?

I have always said I would love to do a song in every genre, but Pop and r&b is home to me. It's where I am comfortable and feel secure.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Currently, I am working on shooting a music video for my single "Moment" and in fall 2021 I will release my first EP.




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