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Transport Your Energy to the 80s With Franck Choppin’s Newly Released Single

Franck Choppin emanates the 80s as he takes us through a nostalgic kaleidoscope.

Originally from the South West of France, Franck Choppin is an Electronic music producer with a wide range of 80s influences, from pop and synth-pop to Italo disco. He composed his first instrumental track at 16 using a Roland D-20 digital synthesizer.

His musical style also extends to Deep house and Nu-disco, which he considers the legacy of 80s electronic pop music. The song "Start Believing," produced in 2021, is an excellent example of the combination of vintage sounds and more modern rhythms.

Now taking our attention to his most recent release, "Love Of Yesterday," Franck Choppin emanates the 80s as he takes us through a nostalgic kaleidoscope set to an energetic yet dark atmosphere.

The rush that sizzles through our speakers as we take in the musical texture of analog synths and robust percussion leaps through the undeniable rhythms present. It's much like travelling back in time and getting a modern dose of the era through the electronic elements emanating a captivating foundation.

As effervescence bursts through the seams, we have the elusive croons of the lead female vocals spearheading each lyrical motif magnetically. Ambushed by mystery and promiscuity, it brings ease and intrigue to the upbeat instrumentation and allows the world of Franck Choppin to thrive in an opulent setting.

As this record progresses in intensity, no stone goes unturned as Franck Choppin's detailed production ear builds upon synth scales and enthralling pads. Deep within the nature of "Love Of Yesterday," a warmth glistens in the vulnerability conveyed through words like, "Don't wanna be reminded of the pain and the love of yesterday."

Incorporating danceability with the worlds he engages as he stays true to his signature sound, "Love Of Yesterday," will transport you to the bright lights and bass-heavy dominance of nightclubs back in the day.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Franck Choppin! Everything about "Love Of Yesterday" immerses us in your skillset as a musician. What's the story behind the creation of this song?

Thanks! The song "Love of Yesterday" continues in my previous productions. It confirms my desire to make songs faithful to the sounds and music production techniques of the 80s. Playing with the famous vintage synthesizers and drum machines of the time allows access to this recognizable sound color.

Known for your tried and true approaches to your music, you sometimes love to step outside the box. Can you let us into how you approached the creation of "Love Of Yesterday?”

I grew up to the sound of the 80s, to the rhythm of the successes of Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and the German singer Sandra. The song "Love of Yesterday" features many references to these artists. It's voluntary, and I don't hide it! Moreover, some listeners have already spotted specific elements in the song that can be found in the hits of the time. We can consider this song as a tribute to the artists mentioned above!

We adore the female vocals that cascade upon each rhythm instilled. Please highlight who you worked with to achieve this sound and how this collaboration formed.

A talented but very discreet singer interprets the female vocals! I spotted her by listening to her performances on the Internet. She works a lot with renowned artists from the Trance music scene. But she contractually wants her name not to be mentioned. So I respect her choice.

What message do you hope your audience can take away from this song? Did it teach you anything while creating it?

I have received much positive feedback about this song since it was uploaded. The YouTube video is off to a good start! Some listeners ask me questions about the production, and it's always a pleasure to try to answer them. Others offer positive and encouraging reviews that will be useful to me in the future. Thanks to them!

What's next for you?

I have many projects in mind. There are a few tracks that should keep me busy for this year! Maybe a Synthwave project and a Nu-disco one. I will be sharing this over the next few months. Stay tuned!


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