Trap Artist Shogun Jizzol Shows Listeners His Ferocious Style in "Drip Caprisun"

Rapper Shogun Jizzol is here to show listeners what they've been missing out on.

Giving absolute vigor and passion towards all of his music, Shogun Jizzol strives to craft contemporary tracks with his trapped-out style. Recent music offerings from Shogun Jizzol includes a more laidback performance compared to his other tracks. One of the artist's most recently debuted tracks, "Drip Caprisun", outlines this well and listeners get to see a refreshing aspect of Shogun Jizzol's artistry. 

"Drip Caprisun" has been released by Shogun Jizzol, and the artist has already released the tracks music video. Shogun Jizzol focuses on creating high-energy performances within his music, and his style is ultimately versatile. The music video for "Drip Caprisun" definitely brought about vivid imagery that easily went along the vibe of the song.

Some would say that there's almost a humorous component embedded into the songs music video, and Shogun Jizzol's wordplay matches up with the energy of the track in the most fitting way possible. Shogun Jizzol is all about giving an entertaining and quality performance, and "Drip Caprisun" wasn't any different. We're anticipating what next ambiance Shogun Jizzol will establish next and hoping this Kansas City artist will continue his streak of single releases. 

How did you go about crafting the vision for the music video of "Drip Caprisun"?