Trap Artist Shogun Jizzol Shows Listeners His Ferocious Style in "Drip Caprisun"

Rapper Shogun Jizzol is here to show listeners what they've been missing out on.

Giving absolute vigor and passion towards all of his music, Shogun Jizzol strives to craft contemporary tracks with his trapped-out style. Recent music offerings from Shogun Jizzol includes a more laidback performance compared to his other tracks. One of the artist's most recently debuted tracks, "Drip Caprisun", outlines this well and listeners get to see a refreshing aspect of Shogun Jizzol's artistry. 

"Drip Caprisun" has been released by Shogun Jizzol, and the artist has already released the tracks music video. Shogun Jizzol focuses on creating high-energy performances within his music, and his style is ultimately versatile. The music video for "Drip Caprisun" definitely brought about vivid imagery that easily went along the vibe of the song.

Some would say that there's almost a humorous component embedded into the songs music video, and Shogun Jizzol's wordplay matches up with the energy of the track in the most fitting way possible. Shogun Jizzol is all about giving an entertaining and quality performance, and "Drip Caprisun" wasn't any different. We're anticipating what next ambiance Shogun Jizzol will establish next and hoping this Kansas City artist will continue his streak of single releases. 

How did you go about crafting the vision for the music video of "Drip Caprisun"? 

Being that it was quarantine I had to go back to my roots as an independent artist and shoot it myself, but also get a little creative. In the video, I stuck to the name of the song by adding elements that represented water and the drink Capri Sun and worked from there. Then I added some tick-tock dances of my kids and anime-like effects to it. I was happy with the results.

What was the general atmosphere you were trying to establish within your listeners with "Drip Caprisun"?

A celebration, a party, just getting your bag and drippin because of its type of atmosphere.

Compared to other tracks we've seen from you, "Drip Caprisun" definitely had more lax energy to it. Can you describe the ultimate vision you had for this song and how it differed from previous releases of yours

My vision for the song was just to stick to the title of the EP called Trap Geek 2. So, I had to think of something that you can turn up to and feel good listening to while getting to your bag still keeping the anime-type of vibes in the song. At the same time, I wanted to express how stylish I am now with my own drip and how I've evolved from being an underdog.

It differs from my previous songs because I'd just done an album called AYTD which had a more serious tone to it. It was an introduction to my fans to let them know who Shogun is and give them more of an insight into where I've been and some of the things I've experienced in my life. That album came from a very dark place due to a lot of losses in my life, a lot of heartaches, and people passing away in my family. Since that was the story I told in AYTD, I wanted to get back to the litty me lol, you know what I'm saying, the more stylish and drippy me. That was the tone for this new project Trap Geek 2 and I approached the song "Drip Caprisun" with that same energy. I wanted to create a song that was easy to listen to, easy to sing along to, and easy to digest. I simplified it a little bit but I still kept certain elements that are true to me and true to who I am. 

Where do you hope to take your sound next from here?

I just want to take it to new heights sonically. I want my music to keep evolving. I love to try different things and experiment with my music. It makes me feel like a mad scientist you know, lol! I get that feeling sometimes when I'm in there! I'll just be experimenting with my vocals, playing around with my voice while I'm writing or rehearsing it and when I get that feeling and I get chills I will be like yeah... that's it...this is gonna be fire!! That's how I know I got something. Yeah, I think I'm on the right track right now though and I know it's going to get better from here on. I want my sound to be a staple sound in Hip Hop, so I strive to give quality content and make my music stand out.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My fans honestly, me seeing that they love my music makes me happy! All the love and feedback from my fans, seeing their comments under my videos, seeing them come out to support me at my shows, seeing them post videos on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook of them listening to my music and recording themselves and tagging my name in it is amazing!! I've made a lot of progress over the years and I'm proud of myself. Knowing that my numbers started from 0 and are now in the thousands and heading to the hundred-thousands and that I'm actually making money doing something that I love, it's crazy! These are the things that keep me Inspired and let me know that I'm on the right track and not to give up. I'm making waves.