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Tray Nova Is Flying Solo With His, "moonlight jukebox"

Hailing from the Chicagoland area, singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Tray Nova releases his dreamy and honest single entitled "moonlight jukebox."

We recently had the pleasure of featuring Tray Nova's previous release, "Closure," which acted as a solid introduction to how he combines real-life experiences with honest and genuine lyricism. Nova is said to be working on a new EP to be released this winter, revealing his best work to date in terms of creativity and emotional release. He's also been hard at work with his collective 2ill; we should be expecting music from them as early as 2022.

Now releasing his heartfelt and lonely-wanderer single, "moonlight jukebox," Tray Nova's low and relaxed vocals take listeners through the peaks and valleys of his career, life, and experiences on this plane. However, at the end of the day, he sits over the manhattan skyline to reflect with none other than his "moonlight jukebox."

Hitting play on "moonlight jukebox," we're met with a warm array of vocal samples that harmonize with the dreamiest of tones. As Tray Nova jumps in alongside the snappy drum breaks, he enlightens us on his everyday grind and how he's continuously working to achieve his desires only to reflect on those experiences with no one but his "moonlight jukebox."

We're head over heels for Tray Nova's soothing and relaxed vocal delivery, as he takes his time to deliver his meaningful words while holding our undivided attention the entire time. Later, Nova softly serenades us with his sweet vocals towards the outro to put us in a trance-like state, which closes the song with nothing but self-love and optimism.

Get to your grind with help from Tray Nova's velvety single, "moonlight jukebox," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Tray Nova. We're incredibly impressed with the poise and positivity you've brought to your recent single, "moonlight jukebox." What inspired this deeply reflective and introspective piece?

Personally, this year has tested my ability to be alone and using that time wisely. It feels like more than ever, I have been given the time by the Universe to consistently reflect on my past experiences in order to have a better understanding of where I am headed in regards to my future. Deep down I know this is a gift but there are days when it becomes too heavy for me and so this song is somewhat of a therapy for me. This song "moonlight jukebox" is one of many that I have been writing which follows this vein of approaching music and a bulk of these unreleased tracks will see the light of day. Some of these tracks are my most personal to date and "moonlight jukebox" serves as a teaser to what's to come eventually.

Who created the lush and soothing sonics for "moonlight jukebox?" What sort of sound and vibe did you want the production to offer? The beat production behind this track is credited to Karn Beats (@karnbeats), a very talented producer whose sound was the perfect landscape to execute the vision I had. The sound I wanted was something that would reflect the subject matter and introspective nature of the song. Sonically, I was looking for "night riding" music, something you can turn on and get lost in during those late nights alone. Also, sometimes when I create music I think of colors that could be associated with it based on the sound and this production gave me black and neutral colors. Colors can symbolize a lot so with that said, I wanted something that would resonate on different levels as well. Was it easy to write such honest and reflective words for "moonlight jukebox?" Is it easy for you to be so open like this? Not sure if it's ever truly easy to be vulnerable, especially as an artist where everything you put out into the world is subject to being analyzed, criticized, and more...but sometimes it is needed. This necessity comes in waves for me simply because I find myself struggling to share these thoughts and feelings in my day-to-day relationships. So in a way, people who listen to my music get to know me more than some of my closest friends. Is that right or wrong? I'm not completely sure, but what I do know is that without this outlet I wouldn't have the means to share these thoughts at all. Would you say that you usually release rather thought-provoking and reflective tracks, similar to "moonlight jukebox?" Is this poised and chill sound a staple for you? As I stated previously, I have a vault full of records in a similar fashion. Not to say they all sound the same but the majority of them dig deeper into myself and how I view the world. Whereas my debut EP 'Note to Self' showed a more energetic me, expect a lot of my newer releases to be more meditative


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