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Treflii Proves He's a Real "Paper Chaser," in Latest Jam

Hailing from Seattle, Washington is a resilient Hip/Hop artist, Treflii. As a motivated, dedicated, and creative artist, Treflii is all about putting out music that sparks good vibes. His tone and general style hone into the catchier aspects of the Hip/Hop genre, especially with the latest release he offered to listeners, titled "Paper Chaser," which features artist D4M00V3.

"Paper Chaser" grabs listeners' attention with its groovy, melodic sound. With a strong sonic fusion of many varying genre styles, "Paper Chaser" can relate and resonate with the musical tastebuds of many Hip/Hop explorers. Treflii's song follows a clear and precise theme: chasing money. "Mama raised a paper chaser" Treflii sings, as he takes listeners through his confident, paper-chasing mindset. Lyrically and rhythmically, "Paper Chaser" is insanely catchy. Treflii strategically created an energetically alluring song that fused together intriguing and fun wordplay with an appealing and lively flow.

In the end, "Paper Chaser" set up Treflii in a great way, as he really garnered some serious interest with this particular single. With two more albums and four single releases on the agenda, Treflii clearly plans on being busy establishing his musical presence even further. We can't wait to see what kind of style and flow he will offer next!

"Paper Chaser" is now available on streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Treflii, and congratulations on your release of "Paper Chaser." What were your thoughts upon this release? I felt that we really just created something so crazy and that the world needed to hear this song every second of every min of every day. For the rest of their lives lol. We just knew we had created something special, something that could actually be on the radio. Top 10 type of song. We just need to find a way to get it out to the right people and finally get the opportunity we deserve. How did the construction of "Paper Chaser" go? The song saw a collaboration with artist D$M00V3; how was this particular collaboration for you? Do you see yourself working with other artists in the future?

The song was originally supposed to be a single, but D$M00V3 has been my brotha for a minute now and we were actually supposed to click upon a track way back, but with both our busy schedules we could never really find time to make it work. After I heard how filthy my hook and verse was sounding after my boy K.O.S over at Pyramid Music Group went crazy on the mix and master, I knew exactly who to call up, I needed someone who could match my energy as well as come with some fire lyrics and vocals. D$M00V3 applied pressure and executed just as he was supposed to. I never doubted it for a second. Yes; I do plan on working with a couple of different artists from the Seattle area. I’m just tryna execute my plan out here the same way I was when I was in California. I’m tryna network and grow my brand in any way possible.

Can you elaborate more on the lyrics of "Paper Chaser" and what influenced the main theme in the song to transpire?

The meaning behind the lyrics is simple, “Mama raised a paper chaser, ain’t got time for no haters”. No matter what people might say or do we can’t let that define us, not everyone is going to like what we got going on. I mapped out a plan and I’m sticking to it no matter what. I really feel I don’t have a plan B at this point & I can’t really afford to let up. Keep chasing yo dreams regardless of who hating, who talkin', just do you and yo time gon come. What kind of presence were you hoping to assert with the release of "Paper Chaser?" When we dropped this track I was trying to show the world that my team is really nothing to sleep on. This is a perfect song for any vibe, from the catchy hook to the different styles. I feel we went all-in on this track; and when the right people finally hear what we got to say, it’s gonna be something major. I’m just trusting the process.

What's next for you?

Currently, I’m working on a 2 part EP called 'Far From Home.' I will be releasing part 1 before the years' end and part 2 sometime early next year. With features from Cope Laflare, Berada, Steezloc, and a few other artists from the PNW as well as some familiar faces from the IE. I’m thinking this is some of my best work to date. Also, stay on the lookout out for our official ATM clothing line dropping this Fall/ Winter! My brother Keso has been going crazy on the designs and getting everything ready for the apparel release. We are trying to build this brand just as hard as this music. Make sure to check out the team (Keso.atm & Cortho) on all platforms and social media and help us grow.


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