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Trent Prewitt Honors The Soul Of Country Music In Debut Album, “Highway To Me”

Following up on his promise is singer-songwriter and captivating country recording artist Trent Prewitt. In August 2023, he announced the release of his highly anticipated debut album, Highway To Me. Now, he's treating listeners far and wide to a masterful blend of country sounds, past and present.

Trent Prewitt has quickly made a name for himself through tracks like "Read Your Mind" and "Redneck Royalty." Landing over 2K monthly listeners on Spotify since he started dropping tunes last year, Prewitt recently teamed up with writers Corey Lee Barker and Jaqueline Burke Veaudry and producer Kimo Forest for his 10-track album, Highway To Me. He says it's a "compilation of modern, traditional, and classic country sounds," inviting listeners on a sonic road trip through the nation.

The new album opens with one of the most impactful songs in Trent Prewitt's discography. In the album's title track, "Highway To Me," Prewitt takes us through healing, finding oneself, and rebuilding the highway back to his inner peace. It's a beautiful intro track that prepares us for some toe-tapping fun in track number two, "Redneck Royalty," the poster child of country songs sung by the self-proclaimed poster child of country music. It's a fun-loving, classic country groove that kicks that album into full gear.

But hold on just a minute; the real party starts in track number three, "Honky Tonk Central," where Trent Prewitt paints picturesque scenes of American flags flying high, playing country music 'til the sun rises, and celebrating the lifestyle down in Honky Tonk Central. Ramping up the passion in "Small Town Love Story," Trent Prewitt takes us back to an innocent time when nothing else mattered but making your big escape with a lover. It's a feel-good homage to small-town love and its big impact.

Keeping the theme of love alive is track five, "Shine," where Trent Prewitt gets the most vulnerable we've seen from him. This stunning ballad sees Prewitt channeling Shakespeare to find the right words to describe just how grateful he is for this shining star of a person. With a tender twang and gentle groove in "Pass Me By," Trent Prewitt blends in nostalgic traditional country sounds and nuances to make one of the most melodic songs on the album. The dynamic back and forth between the pedal steel guitar and fiddle is top-tier.

Laying it on the line is song seven, "We Need To Talk," where Trent Prewitt navigates the dreaded words no one in a relationship wants to hear. This track dives into his world with deeply relatable lyrics and an emotional country twang to keep the spirit and passion alive. So, what happens next? Trent Prewitt reaches for his old friend in "Hello Beer," a feel-good, playful tune that honors ye old drink, the mood it sets, and its pivotal role in country music culture that's synonymous with good times and even better company.

In a similar listening experience, Prewitt reminds us of his faithfulness and loyalty to the ultimate dynamic duo, "Tequila and Tacos." Because why have one when you could have both? We love this track's playful (and relatable) nature, not to mention the gentle rhythm that keeps us swaying to the beat. The same can be said about the soothing feel of the album's outro track, "When I Get Where I'm Going." The gentle piano and Trent Prewitt's tender vocals portray a never-ending growth journey.

Until he gets to his destination with the Man upstairs, he remains committed to keeping his heart and mind open and making the most of his time on Earth under the guidance of God's amazing grace. There is, without a doubt, no better way to close off such an impactful album than with a message like that.

Hear it yourself and experience a rich blend of traditional, modern, and classic country sounds through Trent Prewitt's 10-track debut album, Highway To Me, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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