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Trey Armstrong Compells Us With His Lyricism In His Latest “February”

Originally from Pensacola, Florida Trey Armstrong is a Charlotte native whose been passionate about music ever since his childhood. Influenced by many great artists such as Nas, Tupac, Andre 3000 and J. Cole has pursued his infatuation for music. During his second year of school he released his first mixtape “The Weekend I Forgot To Mention” two years later, he released an EP titled “Self-esteem: A February Story”.

One noticeable song from the album titled February” begins with a melodic introduction that showcases strong piano keys and acoustic elements. Similar to the beats of those strong lyrical artists like his influences, Trey had this raw and uncut flow with an authentic delivery. Trey embodies what I believe an MC should embody and that’s authenticity, story-telling and an entire well executed song that still captures your attention with an enticing hook. “February” possesses all these qualities with a nice development from the beginning to the end. Trey Armstrong reminds me a lot of J. Cole” due to his ability to capture you and move you in a winding direction with his music. Another favorite about this record was how the lyrics felt like a personal reflection of the artist which is extremely awesome to me. I love when rappers aren’t afraid to show the real behind hip-hop by allowing you in on who they are and what they view. Trey has the potential to be the next biggest artist in the game!

Listen to "February" here and get to know more about Trey Armstrong in our interview below!

Hey! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I was born in Pensacola, FL but grew up in Charlotte,NC. Been doing music since about fourteen seriously but have also wanted to pursue a career in music. I found music to be a gateway to express things that are difficult to explain to people. Growing up Micheal Jackson was my favorite artist before I got into rap. When I finally fell in love with Hip-Hop I think 2pac was the artist that made me enjoy the creative mind side to music, he could literally give you any type of vibe you were feeling. Other artist has definitely had an impact on me as well two artist I can listen to at anytime of the day is Andre 3000 and J.Cole both sit in my Top 5 greatest of all time. Though I went to college for business it was to further push the music. Also I have been working on a brand called FreeSense, which is a beacon for people to take a chance and do what they love to do in order to set their souls free. We get so consumed by working and making money that we let the things we love disappear into just distant memories. As a kid that’s one thing I noticed about the adults around me they had given up on doing what they love for something they would chase unhappily. 

How do you elevate yourself with every mixtape you release?

Well each project is different and, for me they take on different vibes. My earlier projects were more so like kick back chill, my recent project “Notice” was more of a let’s give them something that can actually keep going back too, something timeless. 

Tell us about your debut album “Notice”. What are some of your personal favorite songs off the project?

The album is a product of my evolution, the more you work at something the better you get and that’s what I feel happened on this project, I got better. I don’t just mean better at rapping but as a artist overall, breaking out of the box more, trying different sounds and flows. As you dive into the first track on the album, It’s me explaining that I started with no flow, no rhythm, or style but I wanted it so bad that it developed over time. The album can be called my statement to the world that I’m going to keep making this music until you sing along. Because that’s what most people want anyway is to be apart of the art or feel apart of it. As far as favorite songs on the album I honestly rock with all of the songs heavy, but if I had to choose it would be February, Typical, Sins of the Father, Interested, and idols. These tracks I feel stood out the most as far as passion and artistry. These are also the tracks getting the most plays. 

What’s the major difference between “Notice” and your first mixtape?

There are a few differences between the two, my first project was like a practice run for me. It was fun, I was in my second year at A&T and I wanted to drop something for people to hear but also could relate too. Production is a key difference though, I been working with the same producer/engineer since the 10th grade so as we both grew our music also evolved. I feel on notice I was more relaxed and comfortable with my ability as an Artist. All the songs on both projects are still good but you can hear the progression in each bar. 

“February” is a dope song! What inspired you to write this?

Honestly it was my progression that inspired the song, the fact that I came from no talent whatsoever. I just had love for the art and the determination to continue producing and be listened too. It was me standing at the highest mountain saying I’m me, rock with me or not I’m not gonna change me.

What’s next for you?

More music is definitely in the works, maybe a new project by the end of summer. Working on Moves to do a few shows and expand my brand. Really just continuing to work and learn to be a better artist and find ways to give back. 


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