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Trey Triple A Shares His Wisdom on How You Can Live in, "Paradise"

The strong culture ingrained in Trey Triple A is what ultimately sets him apart from many. His creativity is fueled by wisdom garnered from past experiences, as well as his dwellings throughout childhood.

Trey Triple A is the kind of artist that speaks true to originality. He wants his sound to be as authentic as possible and stays true to his musical intuition instead of adhering to musical fads.

Recent work from Trey Triple A includes his album release, titled "A Picture I Painted", and we want to shine a light on one particular track, "Paradise". The song expels warm energy, attributing perfectly to the current summertime feel. "Paradise" was meant to inspire and remind listeners to keep persisting within life.

Trey Triple A wanted listeners to know that gratefulness is key to success. He wanted to instill a sense of stability and ease within listeners' minds, which set an overall strong, resilient tone.

To hear more about the recent release from Trey Triple A, check out his full BuzzMusic interview, here.

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