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Trickle Into Emotion with "Black Rain" by Stephie

Stephie Joanna Victomé, known professionally as Stephie, is a Haitian-American independent singer and songwriter based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Stephie discovered her passion for music at the age of seven when she joined the elementary school choir. Shortly after, she began creating music of her own and at one point performed locally around Palm Beach County with her sister, Sterling.

Stephie made the decision to pursue music professionally in late 2018, releasing her first pair of singles, “Underestimate” and “Love this Love,” which were both well received by the general public and landed her a couple of interviews with Ania Holland for Medium, as well as Anthony Hall for GCFX Global Radio.

Inspired by an emotional experience, we fast-track to her most recent releases. The soothing ballad titled “Black Rain” dips its toes in a pool of alluring captivation. We’re simply absorbed as we simmer in the dark Contemporary R&B vibrations that have us gravitating towards every word that Stephie utters.

Her lyrical dexterity effortlessly transports us to the soundscape of her choosing as she masters the art of creating ethereal universes that contain heartfelt ammunition. The intricate words arranged in this ballad describe a medley of heartache, confusion, and overall coming to terms with new normality. Stephie uses “Black Rain” to act as a note to the one that she no longer confides in. With the slow-paced instrumentation hanging in a sultry Jazz infused atmosphere, the dreamscape lies in an ominous hue.

Stephie’s vocalization sheds luxurious timbres setting sail in euphonious harmony. As this record comes from her 2020 EP, “Stay for a While,” Stephie made a point to collaborate with local engineers and artists such as Jefeth Frankson, known professionally as J Sharp, and Jacksonville, FL rapper Kale on the entirety of the project. “Black Rain” is merely a striking slice taken from the full musical pie.

Stephie, we loved the sounds that you deliver in “Black Rain.” Could you please share a bit of the back story that inspired you to make this record in particular?

Hi! Thank you for having me. Black rain is one of my favorite songs of mine. It's simple yet catchy in a way. I wrote it around the end of 2019 and it's about a number of things depending on who's listening. The first couple of lyrics are based on a personal experience that happened, and I thought it was funny to put it in there. Part of it is about people weighing all of their problems on you without asking if you have the mental headspace to accept it.

This song comes off of your EP, “Stay for a While.” Would you say that the rest of the songs heard on the EP tie into what you're speaking about in “Black Rain?"

I don't think any of my songs on this project tie into any of the other songs but that was its intended purpose.

How do you compare “Black Rain,” to the other songs heard on the project?

Black rain matches the vibe of the project but again it doesn't compare to any other song.

What are you looking the most forward to in your musical journey this year?

I have so many things planned for 2021 I could explode just by holding it all in. I'm mostly looking forward to releasing the album I'm currently working on and reaching a lot more potential listeners and supporters.

What's next for you?

That's a surprise you'll find out in the coming weeks. You'll have to follow me on social media for that surprise. I promise it'll be worth it.

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