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Tron Page Takes It To The Bank With, “Income”

Tron Page, originally from Harlem NYC, anchors his artistic expression in his craft. By the time Tron turned 15, his older brother began making beats for Ruff Ryders and he had the opportunity to be exposed to the likes of DMX, Swizz Beats, EVE, and The Lox. His first project, entitled "This Is Me Vol. 1" dropped in 2010, followed by his EP entitled “Love Letter” and “Tron Legacy” in 2013. In that same year, his single “OMG” was being played on Power 105.1 and he opened for Soulja Boy and Lil Mama.

As he brings us into his world on his new single, "Income," he showcases his thoughts and attitude towards taking action above talking big about his plans for his personal success. The "Income" is what gives him the motivation to continue to grind and create great art. Tron Page puts his hustler's cape and game-face on as he expresses his hunger for a life less stressful, and more prosperous.

Tron's passion for the rap game and his dedication to his craft speaks up during the end of his second verse as he mentions again how he is "All about that action, Leave that talk to a minimum." He ends the record off in style with his catchy lyrics like, "There's money to be made, Go and get you some," motivating you to say that you can do it too.

"Income" is an anthem for go-getters who will surely be creating huge waves in the urban scene. Despite his upbringing, Tron Page sets out to take it all with his hunger for success and his unique style as an artist. You read it here first, Tron Page is an artist to keep a lookout for in 2022.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tron Page, and congratulation on your latest release "Income." When you were creating "Income" what did you find most fun about the process?

Writing “Income” was a lot of fun for me. I started with the first line of the song and it flowed so perfectly from there. The line was: “thinking clever, applying pressure”; the cadence of how that line came to me reminded me of Cash Money. I used to idolize them growing up; so when that line came to my mind, it struck something in me. That energy poured into the verse and then the bridge and then the hook. Before I knew it, I wrote the whole song in 20 minutes! I love it when songs come to me naturally, without force...that genuine connection to creating a song is what makes it fun and personal.

As an artist coming from Harlem, how did its influence affect the making and the unique sound of "Income?"

Harlem has always been flamboyant, fly, and flashy. Growing up, there were so many ways to express yourself: Music, Art, Fashion…there was no limit to self-expression. I’d come outside and see some of the most fly people you’d ever encountered. Even down to how we talk! I grew up under people who had so much swag and embodied confidence. I always write through the lens of what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced. Harlem comes out through my music but that’s because my home is a part of what makes me who I am. “Income” is a representation of how people in my town express themselves. No matter where we go, we always stand out.

Growing up in NYC, were there any challenges you faced when it came to your musical journey?

NYC is one of the most unique places in the world. This makes my musical journey just as unique as the city that I’m from. My main focus on this journey was to start by learning who I am as a person, then as an artist, and perfect my artistry from there. It can be challenging to stand out in a space that is saturated with talent so knowing myself first was crucial. I wanted to get away from comparisons, remain authentic to my own energy but still remain connected to the overall legacy of the city. When I think about NYC’s impact on hip hop, I feel like there is nothing but great lyricists that came from this city.

I wanted to continue on that path of being a great lyricist but also expand beyond that by focusing on songwriting as a whole (like putting emphasis and details into the bridge and chorus) and taking risks sonically. Broadening my abilities so regardless I’ll never be considered boxed in. Lastly, it’s challenging to break a record or to break a new artist on the radio in NYC. It’s almost an obsolete avenue at this point. I feel like there are other markets where the DJs trust in themselves and have the support to break new artists. I would love to see that energy come back to radio in the city.

This is a very motivational record and we love that! If you could leave us with one piece of wisdom, what would it be?

If I had to leave a piece of wisdom it would be to always believe in yourself. I know that it may sound cliché but it couldn’t be more truthful and necessary for any journey you’re on. No matter the circumstances, never call it quits! Never give up on your goals and aspirations! Lock all the way in! I know that things get hard and I would never deny that the road can get rough. However, it’s more important to keep going because there is no permanency to tough times. If you could wake up to another day, you have another opportunity to take one more step towards your goals and dreams. Always follow your vision and always look to win!

What's next for you?

First, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me and streamed my latest project “Opulent Mindset!" Look out for an upcoming, conceptual EP that I’m currently working on. It’s called “Love on Romance Road”. I’m super excited about this project! I’m getting out of my comfort zone and exploring different melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. In this upcoming project, I am writing content that is geared towards my female audience, however, it is very relatable to any and everyone who experiences the highs and lows of love. I am also looking forward to touring in the near future. I want to be able to experience all of my fans in a new way and allow them to have a new level of connection with me. I am excited to be putting out merch soon and really pushing myself into new areas of music and business for my company, ‘Same Page.'


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