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Try To Keep Up With Chughey’s Latest Track “Maneuver”

Off of Chughey’s much anticipated album “Lost In My Mind” (out now) is the dope single “Maneuver” and we can’t stop bumping this track! His dedication to his tracks and his hard working ambition shine through the speakers. Every lyric Chughey has written is translates flawlessly into expert bars. Being able to put pen to paper and create emotive and powerful lyrics then match those lyrics to a catchy beat AND make it alluring and connection seeking for the listener is a true talent! The hook of “Manuever” includes the line “Motivated on my future, Focused on how to maneuver, To get to the moola”, we love this lyric that truly represents Chughey’s life motto. Chughey showcases his skills as an admirable, talented and spectacular hip-hop artist. He consistently proves he belongs at the top. I highly recommend you vibe along to “Maneuver” and the dope music video as soon as possible.

Chughey is a hip-hop musician and prolific rhyme slinger from Gladstone, Michigan. After being injured in a snowskating accident in 2012, Chughey now uses music as a creative outlet for himself. With a repertoire of four EP’s under his belt and fresh off the release of his insane new album, Chughey is on the rise. Pulling inspiration from notable artists such as Eminem, Knowmads, and Atmosphere, Chughey has established his craft from the ground up. Chughey is constantly working and creating to further solidify the foundation he has built. Self-made and undeniably talented, stay on the lookout for Chughey!

Check out the music video for “Maneuver” below and stream it here!


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