Tu Much Proves How to Hustle with a Bustle

Surfing the waves in Los Angeles is the confident Hip-Hop artist Tu Much. Tu Much has been working in the entertainment industry since he was sixteen years old and since then has charted on DRT Global Top 150 Indy Airplay Chart, the DRT Global Top 50 R&B Hip Hop Airplay Chart, and the DRT Top 200 Airplay Chart. Back at it again with his bopping new single ‘Big Stacks,’ Tu Much has quickly made an impression in our lives with this one.

“Big Stacks” is one of those records where you can’t help but feel like you’re a baller while listening to it, it tells us about what the hustle is like to build the connections and artistry to make it to the top, and it is hard to not feel inspired while listening to this one. Tu Much clearly has been honing on his craft to make this happen; each element is perfectly suited to fit one another and become one big wall of sound that hits us right in the face.

“Big Stacks” features a melodic, slightly mellow tense lucked synth that keeps a patient yet driving atmosphere, a thundering edgy 808 drum kit, and of course, TUMUCH’s tight vocals that have us moving our heads to the beat. Since listening to this one, we cannot wait to hear what else is coming from Tu Much.

Be sure to listen to “Big Stacks” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tu Much! Your latest release “Big Stacks” is full of attitude and honesty, could you tell us what the song means to you personally?

Man that record means a lot this the first sony we pushing off the 912 music group & we been putting in a lotta work to get the vibe we got overhear heard so it means everything right now ....we moving wit this one 

We’re loving the simplicity yet fullness of this one, what was the recording process like for this one? Did the beat come first or the vocals?

I’m not going to lie these days I just let the beat take me there...I never have the vocals before the beat and the process was no lie just another day at the studio big faded in the joint living a lil bit 

Congratulations on charting on so many DRT charts! What was that whole experience like? Did you ever feel like your music was meant for a specific audience?

When you first go into music you fasho limit yourself to who you want to push yo music too and for the most part, it’s yo ppl yo folk but I had to get outta that ....this one for everybody ....even ya granny and them ...turn them old folks up one time too 

Since your release of “Everybody know”, how do you feel you have personally grown as an artist and songwriter? What are some goals you have for your future self?

I used to be able to write ...that’s the difference but now ....between business ...home life ...and all the bs that comes with the life aye man just put my lit ass in the booth and let me show out 

Thank you for being here! What else can we expect for 2020?

You can expect a whole new project from me ... I and my lit fam tryna start a reality tv show cause we so are way too much for the ppl not to see and big features and more unspoken vibes on the way ...thank y’all for rocking wit me one time