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Premiere: Tucker Wetmore Welcomes Us to Take "Another Shot"

The Nashville-based country artist and singer-songwriter Tucker Wetmore knows his way around a solid country tune, and his latest single, "Another Shot," is no exception.

Spending his adolescence playing football in Montana, Tucker Wetmore was faced with an injury that led him back home to Kalama, sparking his interest in music creation. After making the move to Nashville, Tucker Wetmore was able to hone in on his craft by way of collaborating with Grammy Award-winning artists/producers while striving to make a connection with his audience.

Now releasing his sweet-sounding and heart-string-tugging single, "Another Shot," Tucker Wetmore soaks our speakers in an easy-listening and emotional piece that moves mountains. While expanding on tender and relatable lyricism, it's without a doubt that listeners will find a piece of themselves within this tune.

Jumping into the single, "Another Shot," the track opens with a refreshing country instrumental through twangy electric guitars, a smooth banjo, warm acoustic guitar strums, and textured drum breaks. As Tucker Wetmore joins the party, he beings to develop the song's lyrical theme by expanding on how he drinks the pain away while missing someone's sweet smile.

We're honestly impressed with the genuine feel of this song, as it feels like Tucker Wetmore is telling us an in-depth story on his trials and tribulations with an ex and temporarily mending the pain with exterior methods. As Tucker Wetmore's bright and powerful vocals serenade us on the hook alongside a delicate acoustic guitar, he makes his way to the outro will leaving listeners in awe of his relatable lyrical abilities and smooth instrumentation.

Take "Another Shot," with Tucker Wetmore, and listen to his recent heartfelt single, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tucker Wetmore, we adore the heartfelt and genuine approach you've taken with your recent single, "Another Shot." What did you want your audience to feel and experience after taking a thorough listen?

It's hard to put your finger on a certain emotion when it comes to music, it's all about how they perceive it. I just hope they love it.

We're genuinely impressed with the emotion and genuine feel you've placed into "Another Shot." Do you often release such poignant and compelling songs that strike an emotional chord within the listener?

This is only my second release but I hope this song and future songs allow listeners to connect emotionally.

How did you achieve such an emotional instrumental atmosphere within "Another Shot?" What was your creative process like when formulating the instrumental arrangements?

I had some amazing musicians and a super talented producer working on this project with me that made the song's instrumental creation pretty seamless, it all kinda just flowed together.

How do songs like "Another Shot" represent you as an artist? How can listeners get to know you better and more personally through emotional songs like this?

Some good buddies of mine wrote this song and when I heard it, I knew I wanted to record it. I loved the sound and lyrics and knew that I could connect with it and I hope the audience does too.

What's next for you?

I've been focusing on my writing a lot and getting some solid songs together. Planning on getting back into the studio within the next month and getting more out to y'all.


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