Tucker Woods Fires Us Up With Their Heated Single, "Who Loves Ya, Baby?"

The New York-based band Tucker Woods releases their stimulating single accompanied by a lively music video for, "Who Loves Ya, Baby?"

Led by Chris Hurd (Guitar, Vocals, and Songwriter) and Brian Motel (Bass, Keys, and Piano), Tucker Woods takes sweltering and raw Rock 'n Roll to the stage with a flair of youthfulness and limitless energy. Their recent single "Who Loves Ya, Baby?" gives listeners a spirited journey through exhilarating instrumentals and the catchiest lyricism.

Not to mention their intricately-edited music video featuring Tucker Woods' lively performance and a bubbly female dancing away with the 60s inspired moves, the entire experience the band delivers allows anyone to get down with their groovy vibe.

"Who Loves Ya, Baby?" begins with Tucker Woods' powerhouse instrumentals stimulating our ears and locking us right in. As Chris Hurd begins vocalizing with this Gord Downie-like delivery, we can feel the grit and fortitude infused into this massive track.