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Tuesday Atlas Takes Us To The Woods In "Silent Trees Loudly"

Kicking off some new releases in 2022 from Indiana-based band Tuesday Atlas, "Silent Trees" is their newest and highly energetic rock single. The group that was born from the bedroom acoustic project of Dakota Boggs consists of himself, Sisco, Easton Hawk, and Skyler Newsome.

This joining of these musicians resulted Tuesday Atlas, a dynamic band that releases music everywhere from rock to acoustic. "Silent Trees Loudly" is Tuesday Atlas's latest release, this one full of fast-tempos, lively guitar, and high-powered vocals.

Alternative rock track "Silent Trees Loudly" begins with an easygoing guitar and spirited drums, setting the scene for what kind of song this will be. Vocals come in with a passion, along with otherworldly melodies. Dakota Boggs' vocals perfectly match the enthusiasm brought forth by the band's instrumentation, with gritty tones and fiery delivery.

The chorus' of "Silent Trees Loudly" is percussion-heavy, stripped down to a steady beat that accompanies the expressive lyrics. Zestful guitar riffs connect the verses and keep engagement levels high throughout the song.

After progressing through "Silent Trees Loudly" and enjoying all the strong-willed and fearless instrumentation, Tuesday Atlas offers, the song ends with a long head-banging outro. There is no lack of boldness at the end of the song, much like "Silent Trees Loudly" started off, diving right into the beat.

"Silent Trees Loudly" is one of those songs that would get the blood pumping in every audience member at a live show, so go check it out now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tuesday Atlas. We're so pleased to have you with us. We love your new song, "Silent Trees Loudly" What makes this record unique from your previous records and your approach to them?

"Silent Trees Loudly" is a track that has been with us for quite some time and is one of our favorites. Dakota wrote this song over three years ago, and we'd rewritten it and rearranged it several times by the time we headed into the studio to lay down the permanent tracks, so our ideas for it were much more fleshed out than what we had going into recording 2019's "Hell Has a Sound." For that release, we just had Dakota's vocals and acoustic tracks, and the rest of us wrote our parts on our respective tracking days, compared to this release and all of our upcoming June and July releases, where we all wrote our parts together. In many ways, "Silent Trees Loudly" and all of our upcoming music are much more representative of who we are as a group than anything we've done prior!

What were the main pointers in the concept and creation of "Silent Trees Loudly" that you'd like to highlight for the readers?

"Silent Trees Loudly" and its counterpart, "Kraken," are both parts of a collection of songs we're releasing this summer called "The Stone Tape." We've said before that these songs are a kind of love letter to the last two years of missed opportunities, illness, struggle, and heartbreak that many people went through, so there is a lot of anger and ferocity in some of these songs that weren't there in any previous release. But, ultimately, "Silent Trees Loudly" is a track that encompasses self-destruction and self-doubt, both of which can begin hurting those around you, especially in times of struggle.

Your vocal delivery on "Silent Trees Loudly" is phenomenal. How do you stay in shape vocally, and what advice would you give to someone trying to better express themselves vocally?

Dakota spends a lot of time commuting to and from his day job, and during those drives, he tends to do vocal exercises and warm-ups. Breathing techniques akin to meditation have also made a big impact on his delivery by allowing him to control his diaphragm much more acutely. The most important thing for a vocalist to do (in our opinion) is to control the push of air out of the lungs with precision and force, on top of the need to enunciate the lyrics. As for his yelling and screaming, we tend to wonder how he does that without destroying his voice ourselves!

As a band on the rise, what would you say was your most difficult challenge faced as a group, whether it be performing, creating, or just as a collective?

Our most challenging task as a group has been building our confidence. At least three of us have struggled with anxiety and depression in our lives, and simply having the confidence to make and release our music, let alone step on stage and play it, has been a challenge in the past. First, you tend to wonder whether or not the art you're making is worth consuming, and then you start to wonder whether it's worth making! However, somebody somewhere absolutely wants to buy what you're selling, and the internet makes distributing your content easier than ever. Building an online presence with engaged followers is a whole other beast, though, and that's something we are still trying to improve daily. There are so many tools available for artists that it can be daunting to take the first steps.

What's next for you?

Over the next month or so, we will also be releasing several lyric videos, several live sessions, and playing Middle Waves Music Festival here in Fort Wayne. We've got a very busy month ahead of us, and once July is over, it's back to the studio to record our follow-up!


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