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Turbo Goth Packs A Punch In Latest Electro-Rock Track, “Crystal Eyes”

New York City-based Electronic Rock duo Turbo Goth is back at it again with their captivating track, “Crystal Eyes."

Turbo goth is comprised of members Sarah Gaugler (lead vocals) and Paolo Peralta (guitar/electronic sampler). When they are not making music together, both members venture into other creative worlds, with Gaugler being a world-class tattoo artist and Peralta a renowned vegan chef.

Originally hailing from the Phillippines, they began creating music together back in 2008. Since then, Turbo Goth has played in numerous festivals and shows in and around the Philippines, the United States, as well as internationally, some of which include South by Southwest in Texas, Baybeats Music Festival in Singapore, Indie Week Toronto, and many more.

Taking a deeper look into Turbo Goth's track “Crystal Eyes,” we are met with enticing arpeggiated synths, trap drums, and a groove that is immediately captivating. Although this track is short, it packs a punch. It truly seems as though Turbo Goth’s creativity holds no bounds. “Crystal Eyes” seamlessly infuses harder-hitting semi-experimental elements with melodic, soothing vocal layers that float atop the track.

Speaking of vocals, Gaugler’s performance absolutely steals the show. Her tone is light and airy, perfectly contrasting to the heavier, electronic sonics that flux and flow around her. She has managed to flawlessly soothe the listener into a trance-like state, and we are absolutely here for it.

This dynamic duo is definitely one to watch. Check out “Crystal Eyes” by Turbo Goth today, you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Turbo Goth, and congratulations on your latest release, “Crystal Eyes." Can you let us in on the inspiration behind the song?

Inspired by the Divine Spirit alive in each human being, "Crystal Eyes" reminds the listener that everything on the external reality is a reflection of your inner self. Everything you see is a reflection of your thoughts. When you disconnect from light and love, darkness is there, but you don't have to let that in. More importantly, YOU are the light and there can be no darkness when we turn on the light and reconnect to Divine Love. This song reminds us to be present, uninterrupted by fear. "Crystal Eyes" also reminds us that when we are able to radiate our authentic being, we will be able to see things around us with beauty and love; all that is real, with a clear vision.

We are loving the energy and creativity behind the instrumentation and production in “Crystal Eyes”. Did you have an idea of the sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "Crystal Eyes” when initially writing it?

We chose this arrangement of notes and melodies and a tropical vibe that reminds us of the beach and free. Remembering our introspective trip to Bali in 2017. We wanted the music to feel like the heat, sand, water, sun, and breeze.

Can you let us in on a bit of the backstory story of how Turbo Goth was originally formed?

Formed in Manila Philippines in 2008. Sarah and Paolo met in a fine-dining restaurant. Paolo was a chef and Sarah was a frequent customer. Sarah being already active in the music scene as an illustrator and Paolo being in rock bands, it was inevitable for them to not collide. Having the same tastes in music and arts they decided to form TURBO GOTH. Played SXSW 2014 as a showcasing artist, they decided to move to the US, Sarah’s homeland and they have been rocking ever since.

How do songs like “Crystal Eyes” represent you and help us get to know you better as a band? What impact do you hope to make with songs like this?

Through our music, we want to remind you to focus on your light, realize the great love you have inside you, and shine bright.


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