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Turn Up The Good Vibes With Jebb Mac Band’s New Single, “Love Stoned”

Flying high on passion is the Southern-stomping and groovy Jebb Mac Band with their vibrant and feel-good summer anthem entitled "Love Stoned."

When you're heading to the beach for a Southern day of sun-soaked fun and good vibes, the only thing you're missing is music from The Jebb Mac Band. The country-oriented band crosses genres like funk, hip-hop, pop, and rock while creating sounds reminiscent of Zac Brown Band, Bruno Mars, and Thomas Rhett.

Having played many festivals and shows throughout the Carolinas, The Jebb Mac Band are back and ready to unleash their passion in a spirited new tune, "Love Stoned." Grammy-nominated producer Kent Wells produced the song at the legendary Dark House Studios in Nashville, TN.

Peeling back the layers of "Love Stoned," the song starts with a feel-good country/rock instrumental that radiates peak summer vibes. The lead vocalist's natural charisma and playful southern twang give listeners quite an engaging listening experience, especially as he continues expressing his undying love for this person who has him flying high on love.

Besides the song's conceptual lyrical content, The Jebb Mac Band keeps the good times rolling with a rich brass section, groovy guitar melodies, danceable drums, and an overall irresistible sound. It's the kind of song you want to hear when soaking up the sun with a lover by your side, making the most of the season and the present passionate moment.

In need of an uplifting and groovy sonic, pick me up? Look no further than the high-energy and radiant new single, "Love Stoned," from The Jebb Mac Band. Find the latest single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Jebb Mac Band. We love the upbeat nature and fun-loving vibe of your new single, "Love Stoned." What was the inspiration behind this passionate and exciting tune?

This is actually the first song that we (as a band) have cut that I didn’t have a hand in writing. This song was given to me by a friend that works at a publisher in Nashville. When I heard it, I automatically knew that it was one that would work for us because of the groove and melody, then the horn lines. I knew this would fit exactly what we do, which is what we like to call “country funk."

Could you introduce us to your band members and what your creative process looked like for "Love Stoned?" How did you lay the foundation and work your way up?

Sure, the band members are Nelson James (drums), Jeff Springs (lead guitar), Barry Carmichael (bass), Emery Henderson (trombone), James “Bull” Canty (trumpet), and Mike Free (keys). So after I heard the song, I sat down with my producer with a bunch of other songs That I had written, and we went through which ones we should cut. We ended up cutting five in that session. Our producer, Grammy-nominated Kent Wells, brought in a few session players for this record, and we recorded drums, keys, guitar, and bass at the legendary Nashville studio Dark Horse. Then when I went back home to SC, I had my horn guys come in and lay down the horn lines for the song at Kaplow Studios in Columbia, SC.

What did you want to make listeners feel when hearing "Love Stoned?" What do you hope they experience with this new single?

I wanted to take listeners to a place that they’d been to before. To remember how much fun falling in love was. To know that they aren’t the only ones who’s ever been “Love Stoned” and they aren’t the only ones who have ever been high on love.

What was the best part about creating "Love Stoned?" What did your band enjoy most about creating this exciting track?

The best part for me was laying down the vocals. Working out the harmony arrangements with the band and getting in the vocal booth to put my own spin on this song.

What's next for you?

MB continues to play shows all over the southeast and grow our brand. Our live shows are what makes the band tick, the energy, the vibe, and the variety of musicianship, we have a good group, and we love it. We are also working on putting together our first full-length album (the first two were EPs). Our projected date of release for that album is March or April of 2023.


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